April 4, 2019


Dominik Zulovec Sajovic @SerenityDom

Hi all, I have recently learned the struggle of emails and SPAM. My platform Throne Predictions got over 2,500 emails with more than 1,500 being verified. So my thinking was: "Great I have 1,500 users I can contact whenever I want". How wrong I was.

I have tried to set email campaigns through an email marketing platform (https://sendpulse.com). The results have been terrible. A huge majority of my emails always seem to end up in SPAM. I have authenticated the FROM email address with DMARC, DKIM, SPF. I also use dynamic emails with variables such as the name of the user. Most of my emails still go directly to SPAM. Maybe the problem is that the service provider "SendPulse" is not the best choice here, and I should use something like Mail Chimp but I am not confident about that either.

I am asking for any help anyone might have towards this huge problem. As I now have users that I can't even keep updated.

Thank you, Kind Regards

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