Ideas and Validation April 5, 2020

Content Curation as a Service

Yaro Bagriy @yaroslawbagriy

90% of content that is created into the internet is pretty bad. Because of this the curation of content becomes ever so more important. So important that people will pay for it, as they do any other digital service (paid newsletters, community memberships, etc).

The idea I’m thinking about is a service that allows people to become professional content curators for a specific niche. People would subscribe to these content curators for their daily content.

Any thoughts on the idea? Are you currently paying for anything similar?

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    We're trying something with
    No business model yet and very niche but we're getting interesting feedbacks from brands we've listed.

    @gill_works is doing something cool with and I pre-ordered his upcoming book on tips to build stuff with #nocode. He does a good curation, and doesn't charge anything upfront but sell added-value content.

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      Looks quite interesting, keep it up!

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    Thought about this before - I think discovery aspect of curators would be key.

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      Yes! And actively manage the subscriptions your subscribed too. Great point, thank you!

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    A bit like ?

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      Hey there, do you like the content from Building a similar service with

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        hey, i like the idea, but i can't subscribe.. i'ts giving me an error

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          Thank you. Will send you an email

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        I’m not a huge fan of inside. It’s a great idea but I’ve come to expect more from curation - more insight.

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      Oh yeah pretty much like Inside. But it looks like Inside is the one who curates all of their topics. I'd be more looking at allowing people to create their own curation channels and slap a pay wall on it. Any thoughts on it? It looks like content curation by people is viable, and is something people want.

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      Yes similar but people wouldn’t send just send weekly newsletters but daily curated content (I.e links to blogs, tweets, podcasts, YouTube videos) for you to consume. Saving you the time to search out for it. I’ll DM you.

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    The first thing that comes to mind is Benedict Evan's weekly newsletter. He sends out a bunch of links with some short context / analysis every Sunday. I think this combination -- curated news plus analysis -- is a great format. I would love to be able to receive newsletter of the same quality on different topics I'm interested about but, unfortunately, they don't exist (at least not yet!)

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      would you tell the curator what topics to curate?

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        No -- I would expect the curator to decide what topic they want to cover. I only want curated content from experts and experts already know their niche. If I told the curator what to curate, I would expect the quality of the content to be lower.

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          makes sense, I typed my question wrong( got too excited) I meant how would a platform know what topic you would like curated, I.e If I know you are interested in startrek fanfic vs Revenue Optimization for Marketplaces, I can go find the expert and get them to do the curation.
          Somewhat like with their minimal required emails or stack exchange with area51

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            First, I see a chicken-and-the-egg problem that could arise. You want users to indicate what topics they are interested in. Then you will go out find the right experts to curate content on this topic. But I think part of what good content curators / creators do is unearth the topics that people should care about. Take Michael Lewis as an example. Before him, very few people cared about high frequency trading. Then he wrote Flashboys and tons of people became interested in high frequency trading. In short, a user's interest in a topic often comes from the content about that topic.

            But not always, and it sounds like this is where you are focused. If a user knows what they want to learn about, how can you extract this information from them? I think a voting system like what you see on could work.

            But the bigger challenge I have had with finding content I like is the quality of the content itself. For example, I like keeping up with news headlines from tech. I subscribed to Recode Daily for a while but it was bad. The topic was spot on -- a daily summary of the headlines -- just poorly executed. If there were more high-quality sources like Stratechery (which is the author's, Ben Thompson's, full-time job) I would gladly subscribe.

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              Haha. Thanks for the detailed reply.stratechery for X is the ideal, but very difficult to execute. And people working on that would more likely build and get analysts to write there ( which is what Substack is doing in a very sparse way )