Content Marketing February 3, 2021

Content marketing: Stop interrupting.

Sol Welch @Sol_Welch

Key take away: The best content is that which doesn't impact the consumer's user experience. Make it seamless and valuable (educate, entertain and/ or inform).

You're asking the wrong questions... instead of "How can we get them to click?" you need to ask "How can we add value where they already are?"

Marketers feel the need to try and push their audience where they'd prefer to have them, rather than catering and adapting to where the audience is consuming already.

EXAMPLE: Links on LinkedIn

5 minutes on LinkedIn and you can see clear as day, the majority of content is articles, videos and webinars, all of which you have to click away from the platform to see. Not UX friendly.

The point is, there's no one size fits all for every platform you use. A quick sentence and a link will no longer cut it. You need to spend the time making your Content native to each platform. For example, a website article. Take it, and repurpose it into a visually appealing PDF to have as a carousel on Linkedin.

Get creative!

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    Hi, I understand your point. When you say that links on LinkedIn are not UX friendly, I'm not mad to click on the external link to read the article and then go back to LinkedIn. However, I agree when you say that more content should be created on LinkedIn (e.g carousels) . For example, if you want to share a video, it's better to directly upload it on LinkedIn instead of sharing a Youtube link.

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      Exactly that. I'm not saying don't use links full stop, they can be useful. I'm simply saying the more intuitive you can make it for your audience to consume, the better.

      People go onto the platform for a reason, making your content contextual and native to 'it' increases engagement and creates value for your audience.

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