Content Marketing January 22, 2021

Content Marketing without an audience?


I have been working with a team to develop a startup in the fitness world. Initially we created tons of written and video content to create a buzz before launch but we don't have an audience to consume it. What comes first, the chicken or the egg? The content then the audience or the audience then the content?

The instagram, facebook and youtube algorithms appear to be brutal unless you are a half naked model. Any insight and advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    When you don't have an audience of your own, you need to try to tap into other peoples'. Guest posting is a good way to do this and it was a big part of Buffer's early content marketing strategy, not just because it gives you exposure to that site's audience one time, but also because it helps you build relationships with publishers who can continually help spread your content. In Buffer's case, that led to syndication deals with many of those publishers. Here's a post about it:

    For the content you place on your own site, particularly when you are still building an audience, try to include things that give influencers a reason to share it with their followers. Roundup posts, where you get a bunch of influencers to answer a specific question, is a great example. Most people will share content they're featured in. You could also include information that confirms what they've written or stated before. Brian Dean gives an example here:

    Of course non of that will replace building your own audience. That takes time, but all the hard work and momentum will build on itself. I wrote a couple of articles on the subject you may find helpful. Check them out here:

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      Thank you very much Sean, the various links are superb!

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        You're welcome. I'm glad you found them helpful.

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    this is a problem that always occurs, the tip I give is to follow great fitness influencers, comment and collaborate on their posts, try to partner with them to promote your product, so you gain visibility

    in general, I call it climbing on the shoulder of giants (48 laws of power for those who don't know), you don't have an audience yet, so the best thing to do at the beginning is to lean on the big names and partner with them

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      Thank you very much. This is extremely helpful!

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