March 30, 2019

Content Planner - Idea Validation Ask

Jakub Kliszczak @jacobk

Hey guys,

Would greatly appreciate your opinion on the idea of mine. In short quick ask for #idea-validation #ideavalidation.

Problem: To work properly and efficiently content writers have to execute an on-going keywords research on par with topic research, then store that data, and manage it to decide what to write and in which order to keep the content on point.

Solution: Most of the geeky part of that tribe (myself) stores that using Excel/Sheets, yet - and that is my actual question - would it be nice for you if you had a dedicated tool that stores your keywords, grades your ideas in regards to the topic, and the keyword, and helps you organize it so you produce content efficiently?

Thanks for your feedback, it means a lot!

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    Hey Jakub,

    Just wanted to quickly point out that your 'problem' describes a task/workflow content writers have to complete, not a 'problem' they have.

    You might well be better off framing it as a 'pain point' not a problem...

    For example...

    It takes a long time (= money) and manual labour for content writers to track keywords and use them to work out what to write next.

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      Thanks a lot!

      I'll make sure to implement it during the process of wording my statements.


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    I think a tool would need to do more than organize keywords.

    Maybe if it helped writers expand on those keywords it could be useful. But then again, there are a lot of tools out there for this too.

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      Yea, right. I guess the USP would be that it could grade the set of keywords in regards to the topic they chose. But then again, is that enough?

      Thanks for your feedback @Chaddeus!

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    I think at least with wordpress you have Yoast and possibly other plugins that let you focus keywords so you can see them as you write your posts.

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      Hey @genemachine, thanks for the feedback.

      Yoast and other wp plugins are about optimizing text in regards to SEO/chosen keywords.

      I'm talking about planner that doesn't have to do anything with the text itself but helps you organize your future articles' topics, keywords, and helps you assess how good of a choice you've made in regards to these keywords.

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        I see. I suppose you could make that, but why would people pay for it when excel is not that big of an obstacle to handle this in? Ultimately, I guess I am confused why in this day and age people would pull keywords instead of asking would be or real customers about problems they have set out to solve with the product / service they are buying or looking at, and why you wouldn't write content around those problems vs looking at keywords.

        In any case, it's clear I am not the target audience and not qualified to give you the kind of feedback that's useful :)

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          Haha, right :P

          I'd like to aim at less-geeky people who are not that good at excel/sheets and would like to use software that would make it all EASIER or rather FOR THEM.

          Thanks for your feedback. I really appreciate it.

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