No-Code April 5, 2020

Cool. Impressive no-code projects??

Austin O. @austinocampo47

Does anyone have a list of no code projects that are successful? please link me some, I'd like to check them out.

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    This list should do well for you:
    Bunch of stories from @bentossell's maker pad.

    Also rumors are that Lambda School was run on an airtable for quite a long time.

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      definitely not a rumour :) the story came from their team haha. Appreciate the shoutout.

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        There ya go. No rumor at all! Best nocode success story?

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    Our site,, is built with no-code (bubble). Pretty successful so far!

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    By no means are we successful (yet). But I think Electrician Path has potential. We built it with webflow and bubble.

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    One of the most impressive launched from zero very recently

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