March 25, 2019

Cool to see how people are using our platform

Justin Jackson @mijustin

Love what Ali Abdaal and Taimur Abdaal did with their podcast website:

Our CMS is pretty basic, but with some custom CSS, folks have been able to do some really cool stuff.

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    This would make a great page to send on social media. Perhaps on the backend optimize for all the usual og tags so it sets a preferred image for sharing.

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      Yes! We allow folks to customize social share image. Ali and Taimur haven't uploaded one.

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    Looks beautiful. Minimalism done right.

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    This looks so great!

    I'm curious Justin, does your CMS allow customization of the layout beyond styling? Or are additional themes/layouts down the pipeline?

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      Currently, it's mostly limited to CSS. We're not sure how we're going to handle additional layouts in the future.

      Here are some other examples:

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        Cool. Thanks for the examples

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