Ideas and Validation July 5, 2020

Copywriting for Startups Newsletter - Good Idea or Not?

Bezan @bezan

Hey guys

After switching from Copywriting to the Startup world, I noticed many Startups neglect Copywriting…

Even though it’s one of the easiest and most powerful ways to increase growth, revenue, sales… And more.

So I had an idea...

Start a free newsletter to share simple, easy hacks from Copywriting - that you can use to accelerate your Startups.

I already made the first post a few days ago. It's about a mini-hack that lets you describe a startup in 4 words or less.

And if you have a couple of minutes to spare... It would be awesome to get your feedback (good or bad!).

Here it is (with a subscribe button at the bottom if you liked it):

And please be as honest as possible with your feedback, I promise I won't get offended. I'm here to learn and improve!


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    I am working on startup and really feel need for copywriting at times. What would be great is to build a tool that gives copywriting content with user input data.

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      That's interesting. I'm not sure how the tool would work but I'll brainstorm and see what I come up with!

      Would a course that shows you how to make content/sales funnels for your startup + templates you can follow, be useful to you?

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        I think content should tell a story in unique way. Finding template is easy, building unique story is tricky.

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          Yeh definitely, but I would help you to tell that story in an easy way. It would almost be like a questionnaire and by the end of it, you have a complete piece of content...

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            That will be perfect :)

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              Awesome, I really appreciate the feedback. I look forward to building this product!

              Sign up below and I'll let you know when it launches :)

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