Copywriting, marketing & conversion questions

What are some good resources for improving these skills (specifically copywriting & marketing)?

I'm working on moiapi.dev and struggled to get users to sign up. I am wondering if I'm not explaining the benefit of the product clearly enough.

It has two equally important features to it (adding counters to your website & syncing your profile info across all accounts) and I'm not sure how to highlight both (or figure out which is the key one for users).

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    @harrydry has a great newsletter and website about marketing examples - https://marketingexamples.com/conversion/landing-page-guide.

    Growth tactics is also a great account to follow - see their thread about landing page conversions - https://twitter.com/GrowthTactics/status/1347608872295526405?s=20

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      Thanks Yachi! Helpful :)

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      These are exactly what I was looking for. Thanks :)

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    This course on Udemy is a great place to grasp the fundamental concepts of copywriting and some great techniques to go along with that in about three hours.

    Another great place to learn copywriting is MarketingExperiments. They have some excellent videos and provide amazing insights. Although, it’s not a book or article, this tool is good for inspiration while writing a copy.

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