Coronavirus March 26, 2020

coronavirus info for UK residents

ranj @beattle


I started creating a simple website for displaying statistics on the coronavirus and how it's spreading for UK residents

Still a lot needs to be done and I don't think it's anywhere near complete. It's the first website/web app I've created in almost a decade. My fulltime job requires me to use C++ for systems programming so I don't ever get to work with web technologies . I've got more features that I'll be adding. Please provide feedback.

Tech stack used:

  • ReactJS for frontend (first time using React)
  • Bootstrap via react-bootstrap
  • Flask/Python for backend.
  • Docker/Docker-compose
  • Github/Git for source control (I'll probably end up open sourcing it all in the end)
  • DigitalOcean

One thing I've realised while working on this is that there are so many web technologies available these days and it can be hard to navigate the whole area i.e. should I use this stack or that etc. When I last did anything on the web 10 years ago it was mainly just JQuery/PHP/Ruby on Rails.

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    I'm a UK resident. Can I ask what your motivation for putting time and energy into this project is? I'm asking because the data is readily available almost everywhere you look.

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      The motivation was mainly to learn web programming skils tbh. Yes and you're right the data is already readily available elsewhere.

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        What's the motivation for promoting it here?

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          I suppose just showing something I created. I've been on indiehackers for sometime they usually post projects they're working on to receive feedback. Maybe people will find it useful as well?

          Is it wrong of me to post it here ?

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            Certainly not in any moral sense. If you said it was to turn it into a business, I'd urge looking for something more valuable to work on, though.

            Doing it to pick up some new skills totally makes sense.

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    It seems this is only England?

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      Yeah it does seem to only list England, the data source I'm using must only list regions in England. I haven't been able to find one for elsewhere yet.

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    Nice work! Where are you sourcing the data? It's been hard to find up to date info on cases in York (where I live), this lays it out nicely.

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      This is where I get the data from it's the one that the NHS links to as their data source.