Landing Page Feedback May 23, 2019

Could I get some landing page feedback? 😁

Josh Barker @Josh_Barker

I have a tendency to start designing a product before it actually becomes anything, and in this case, it turned into Sellfolio.

Luckily, I'm primarily a developer but often I find myself on Codepen just whipping up something that looks nice. It's kind of how most of my side projects start.. I don't tend to have an idea as such, it just happens!

This is what I've been working on the last couple of months and would love some design feedback of the landing page, and the application as a whole (feel free to create an account and check it out!).

There's still a few things left to do until I launch it!


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    Looks like a pretty good job. I agree with most comments here on making it value-based vs feature-based. Some things I'd nitpick:

    • "Sell Digital Products. Get Paid Instantly." should be the first thing in my opinion. It clearly explains what it is and its benefits.
    • Then I'd swap "Sell digital products quickly and easily." to something along the lines of "Quick and easy store for creators" -> the idea would be to anchor the persona (creator) and set expectations (quick & easy)
    • The money stack seems a bit too big in the no-transaction fee.

    I'm pretty bad at copy so don't take the examples below like gospel. You have some opportunities to turn a passive term into something active.

    • Customization -> "Promote your brand"
    • Instant Payment -> "Get paid right away"
    • Marketing built-in -> "Grow your audience"
    • Multiple currencies -> "Reach every customer"
    • Analytics at a glance -> "Optimize your store"

    You can't get testimonials but maybe you can compensate by showing examples. Look at what does for instance.

    It's also hard to do at the beginning of a project but more screenshots might help drive adoption.


    Now, I'm not too familiar with the domain of shops for creators but, while I know Gumroad via the Twitter-sphere, I'd assume that there's some room for other competitors in the space and the CEO of Gumroad said himself that it's a nascent market.

    However, you'll probably need to consider one of these 2 options:

    1. Go after a niche market, knowing that you're already in a niche (digital creators) and be known for mastering that particular niche.
    2. Spend $$$$ on Marketing

    Anything in between might not be worth it as there are some really strong competitors out there.

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      I definitely prefer your wording of those features! I agree about screenshots. Lack of screenshots is often what puts me off a product.

      A few comments on here about copy, I think that's the downfall of it so far. Thanks for your input :)

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    Josh, as @dmontooth here stated, your landing page is credible but I don't believe it has enough to convert. Let me explain why:

    "Sell digital products quickly and easily" – How quick? How easy? You'd come WAY more convincing with something like:

    "Do you have software, ebooks, music, videos, or ANY digital products that you could sell right now but you don't know how?

    You can set up your own store in minutes

    Show me how (button)"

    Once he clicks the button you bring up a video (in a modal) and here's what he sees: your landing page in a browser and a stopwatch already running in the corner. This is a recording of someone (you) creating an account for free, uploading 2-3 ebooks, and sharing the live store on Facebook. BOOM! The stopwatch stops: 3 minutes (or w/e) and you're already counting the sold books. CTA: Now you try it!

    Automatically close the video for him and highlight the Sign up button.

    That's all. He got all the info, he has already seen the "tutorial", and he's already there. Everything else on the page is just noise. You need to have it but the "meat" should be on top.

    Get it? What do you think?

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      That's a great idea, thanks! I will look into creating a video, or having someone make me a professional video.

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        Glad you liked the idea, but it wasn't supposed to keep you more in the development process (or spend more money, lol) Just use something simple. I can personally recommend a chrome extension, Loom:

        You don't even need voice if you are uncomfortable recording yourself. Just add some music in the background. There are so many things you can by yourself. Once you get some revenue you can reinvest that and get a professional video done.

        Good luck, can't wait to see it up and running. I'll check again soon.

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    @Josh_Barker - The site looks credible. It looks like some time was spent on it.

    The one thing that jumps out at me is the copy.

    "Sell digital products quickly and easily" is feature focused, rather than benefit focused. It's also subjective. Quickly and easily are both relative. There are people who have difficulty composing an email, which is arguably easier than setting up an ecommerce shop. I think it's always best to stay away from those types of claims.

    What drove you to want to create an easier version of this concept? As @amitkaz pointed out, why did you create this instead of using Gumroad or Sellfy?

    I suspect that since you're a developer, it's to get in on the action that Gumroad, Sellfy and Shopify are working. Which is totally fine, but don't make it apparent. Tap into your customer and find something that makes them connect with your idea.

    One of the biggest draws to Gumroad (and Sellfolio) is that you can focus on getting your digital product up rather than on setting your store up. You can start selling your product in x minutes. You can reach an existing audience via the marketplace. You have a partner to help you market. You get the idea.

    I signed up and noticed a few small bugs.

    When you're on the dashboard, you have a z-index issue with the tooltips on the menu. The dashboard cards are higher up than the tooltips.

    The "Sf" logo is italicized in the admin but not on the main site. Inconsistent branding.

    If you navigate to "Settings" and then click "Integrations" or "Coupons", the modal doesn't display. Nothing happens.

    With all that said, Good F_ckin Job on getting to this point. Even with the competition out there, keep going. Figure out the copy and how to connect with your customers and make this thing happen.

    Good luck.

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      Thanks for this!

      I'll certainly take your feedback into account and try to broaden up WHY a customer should use my product over anyone elses.

      A few people have mentioned the copy, the wording. I'll definitely go back to the drawing board with that!

      As for the bugs, thanks, very useful. I am aware of each of the bugs already. With Sf, I was experimenting to see if it looked nicer (I thought so), so I may replace the branding to be italic site wide. As for the modal, I actually just added that last night before I stopped working, so I didn't get chance to test it everywhere however I was aware that it was broken on the Billing page - so thanks!

      With all that said, Good F_ckin Job on getting to this point.
      This is all the motivation I need. This side project started accidentally, really, I wanted a hobby. I've often started projects just to better my development. I just so happened to be very proud of my landing page on this! :D

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    The first thing that comes to my mind is that there are bazillion of site like that, more established than yours.

    What makes your different? why would I choose sellfolio over (for example) gumroad?

    Also, I would love to understand more what your features means- can you show a screenshot of "Marketing Built-in", for example?

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    I like to overall design, I think it looks great. I am not a big fan of the popular button placement for premium service. Also, Analytics seems like a premium feature. On the Features page, I like to feature card layout. I kept thinking having a premium indicator somewhere would be cool. I know its redundant. Over all though very nice looking site.

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      I had thought about labelling the features as Premium on the features page but haven't got around to it.
      I'll add it to the backlog, thanks!

      Thanks for all your input :)