April 6, 2019

Could this work?

Ivars Indriks @indriks

I noticed that many job seeking individuals struggles to write good resume and stand out of the crowd.
Solution: Transfer resume into deeply personal story by professional sales people to attract job opportunities and stand out of the crowd.

Would you use such service and how much you are willing to pay for it?


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    I wouldn't use a service like this. For me, the main challenge is I have never hired someone, and therefore have seen few resumes. It's difficult to even tell what a great resume would look like, even if I am shown one, and now someone one is pitching me a "resume" that is vastly different than anything I have seen. I would have a hard time spending a real amount of money on something like this, especially when I am unemployed and cutting costs where I can.

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    I get what you are trying to say here, Ivars because I question if resume is even the right tool to arm those who make hiring decisions. There is no "personal-ity" to a resume, and people with amazing talent and skills get lost in the sea of candidates. I would use this service but before that we need a service that trains the hiring teams to better understand candidate selection.

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    I think this is being approached backwards. You might benefit from talking to people who hire frequently to identify what they are looking for in a resume and how they conduct their screening process. I mean, what makes you confident that writing a great personal story will help anyone stand out if the employer only cares about actual qualifications? I'm not saying it wouldn't help, but how would you communicate this benefits (if it is one) to your prospects?

    To answer your question, I would not use such a service, but I, along with others here are likely far from your ideal customers - you'd need to find those and talk to them instead.

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    I personally wouldn't, because I'd want to write my experiences in my own words.