April 2, 2019

Could you check out our new video about podcasting on Limor?

Limor App @Limor


Hi folks!

Just a quick note to let you all know about our new video we've done for awareness of our app to help people like you who want to create podcasts!

It is just a short video showing how easy it is to use the Limor app for your podcasting needs, and save time and money when creating content.

There's plenty more videos on our youtube page which would be great if you could check out and let us know any feedback on the app if you have it installed as we are always looking for improvements as a start up company.

Thanks very much for your time!


  1. 2

    If you didn't mention that the product was a podcasting app and I watched your video I wouldn't have known. There's nothing really saying "this is a podcast app"

    1. 1

      Hey thanks for the feedback! It was really just being created to be a constant loop on one of the pages of our website, which is already heavily detailing what the app does - but I see what you mean! We will take it on board for the next one thank you!

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    Hi, checked out the video. It clearly shows you using the app on device, though I feel it's missing a key step of "Now I'm done, I hit XXX and hey, it's a podcast!".

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      Thanks for the feedback Davey, you're right we did leave a good bit on this one to the caption and description of the video, as we have other videos already that detail more about the whole process of recording to edit stages - but maybe for the next one we will try to add a bit of that in also, thanks for the suggestion!