April 17, 2019

Could you's check out the trailers from our new podcast with Leinster Rugby's Dave Fagan?

Hi everyone,

We have set up a new app called Limor for people to record and share podcasts and audio straight from their phones. Our own podcast gets published to it also, called Mono E Mono.

The latest one was with Leinster Rugby's Dave Fagan - you can watch the trailers here on our youtube page https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kYQb8B1Kc9A&list=PLdzhNMj4yDEWuEqtlC_P53xkAhf9br4S1

If you like the sound of the interview or the app you can listen to it in full and create your own on the app - any feedback would be great!
www.limor.ie - on the appstore and google play store