Couldn't make startup a success, looking for a job

I started building Zylitics about 2 years ago after leaving a long term full stack remote job. Built fully functional, beta tested (about 200 heavy users) product but somehow couldn't get ppl to pay for it.

I was living off savings from previous job that has almost depleted by now and the only need of time now is to do something, pay bills and stick with it. I didn't want to apply to big companies as they usually don't see ppl like me as good employee (having quit job to build startup, worked mostly as freelancers, small team companies). Instead I want to work hard for startups and willing to help make them successful.

Have long time experience in development. Very good at react, typescript, css, material-ui, java, node, postgres, GCP, cypress, selenium and everything else in between that is required to build solid products from scratch. I speak fluent english. I live in India.

If anyone is looking for a hardworking developer who knows how to build a startup Saas from zero to fully functional, please let me know. I'm ready to give my 100%.

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    Hi Praveen,
    Please send me your rates via the contact information in my profile. Thanks!

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    If low-code would be interesting to you, would be happy to talk! I'm running a no-code product studio (https://upgraded.dev | https://jobs.upgraded.dev) and we could use some more bright minds joining in!

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    Hi Praveen, send me a message. I may have something for our company. I love working with creators like you.

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    This comment was deleted 2 months ago.

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      Thanks Lenny! Have sent it.

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