CourseMaker is now in Beta  🚀

Link to CourseMaker

In 2020 I put the deposit down on a new apartment using my income from online courses. Teaching online has been one of the best things I've done.

I started CourseMaker to provide technical creators (developers, data scientists, academics) with a platform that was built for them, not yoga teachers (nothing wrong with teaching yoga, but the course requirements are different).

We're now in beta. It took a while to get this far, but it means that I'm confident you can run an online course business on the platform as it is now. Of course, we'll be making improvements every month - interactive coding exercises are coming next (so you can build your own codeacademy).

I'd love any feedback from the community

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    Hey, the site looks great! I really think that you should include a link to a sample class, so a potential class author can see what it looks like in the end.

    1. 1

      Thanks! Great idea yes, here's one that is WIP to give a flavor: https://gatsby-theme-coursemaker.netlify.app/courses/how-to-use-coursemaker/curriculum

      This is using the open-source GatsbyJS theme part of the product.

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    ...And now there's a video showing the key features here: https://coursemaker.org/docs/quick-tour/

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    whoa! i'm including this in #yenFM's newsletter... looks great!

    how's the progress so far?

    1. 2

      Thanks John, that would be brilliant! Feedback so far has been positive - we're obviously still early stage but should be adding the interactive coding exercises very soon which will be powerful

      1. 1

        cool! how are you building community?

        1. 1

          Well the open-source GatsbyJS theme is hopefully something the community can get a lot of value from. It allows you to host a course for free (via youtube, netlify and Auth0). In the long-term I'm hoping to build some community UI templates too. Was also planning on focusing on integrations. And of course loads of content for course creators. Any tips?

          1. 1

            if your community / customers are asking for integrations, DO THAT! otherwise... wait. right?

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