News November 25, 2020

Courtland and Jason Calacanis discussed how to be an indie hacker on 🎙 This Week in Startups

Channing Allen @channingallen
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    This is what brought me back to Indie Hackers :) forgot about this community and appreciate it.

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    Yes! This is how I learned about this community!

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    For me it was very refreshing to hear your entire journey... and frankly some things that are wrong with the YC mentality. I think this indie movement will become more mainstream. You guys are super smart and down-to-earth... again very refreshing... and I hope you inspire a lot of people to start their own entreprrneyeneurial journeys.
    As for me--I made enough money in the corporate world that I decided to build something that really matters to me personally (personal finance education) with my wife. It's early days for us, but we're making progress every day. I've never worked harder in my life, and sometimes you need a bit of perspective to recharge your batteries. Your podcast is so instrumental to me get give me the energy for the next phase of my journey!

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    I’ve watched this whole thing twice already. Great interview.

    Glad to see more diversity of thought making it into the startup scene.

    Bootstrapping/ raising VC isn’t something to be religious about imo. Certain business models favor one or the other.

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    This is great! I was just about to suggest Courtland have Jason on the IH podcast since I recently heard him mention wanting opinionated guests.

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      That would be awesome!

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    I've spent the last few weeks dabbling into both bootstrapped founder communities (like IndieHackers) and startup communities (like /r/startups and so on).

    I generally found that bootstrapped community is full of smart & ambitious & realistic people, while startup communities tend to attract a bigger % of people who've read about Facebook & created yet-another B2C app/SaaS and have no idea how to grow, or what to do. Wonder if I'm the only one who noticed this.

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      I agree with your overall sentiment here but would take it a step further. I am definitely generalizing and this does not apply across the board, but the people who engage in startup communities have a sort of pretentious, "I'm building a game-changing app" (that nobody wants) or "I'm creating the Uber for X and revolutionizing Y" vibe, and frankly that turned me off of the entire ecosystem. I knew I wanted to make, create, and build my own business, but I also had a strong, visceral reaction to the ethos of the traditional startup path and communities. I listen to Reid Hoffman's Masters of Scale, and if one day it makes sense for me to blitz-scale a business that I'm part of, I won't think twice, but that is not where my compass is pointing.

      When I found Indie Hackers it was really refreshing to see people actually trying to learn, grow, and identify and solve real problems rather than recycle the same tired old shit. Indie Hackers definitely relit a fire in me that was dying out, showed me another path forward, and in the short time I've been part of the community, has introduced me to a lot of awesome and down-to-earth people.

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      Most of the startup scene is business cosplay 😂

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        Haha that's an interesting way to put it.

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