Coronavirus July 10, 2020

Covid Guard: The global COVID-19 screening platform – is live and featured on PH! 🎉

Jacopo Ranalli @jjranalli

After our recent launch in Italy (and countless iterations to our platform) our project is finally going global – and for the occasion we're launching on Product Hunt!

Covid Guard is the global COVID-19 screening platform. We collect and analyse anonymous health information to get a real-time overview of the pandemic and prevent new outbreaks.

We leverage a source of information still untapped in most countries – the symptoms of the population – which can provide valuable insights without having to rely on limited resources, such as swabs or serological tests.

By using the platform, users directly contribute to the safety of their own community while receiveing constant updates on their areas of interest (through maps and customised reports), and even getting rewards in some cases.

Our aim is not to directly identify those who may have contracted COVID-19, but rather to statistically determine high-risk areas and identify anomalous patterns days or weeks in advance compared to conventional solutions (i.e. contact-tracing apps). That way, we allow authorities to promptly focus their efforts on the most critical areas, making the most of the tools at their disposal.

If you like what we're working on, we'd greatly appreciate if you could support our project on Product Hunt, on social media, or in any other way you'd like to.

We're also looking to partner up with other startups, so if you'd like to offer your product or services to our users we invite you to fill this short form (you'll find more info inside).

To learn more, feel free to visit or follow our Twitter account.

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