Coronavirus March 31, 2020


Richard Chu @richardchu

I'm working on a small project called COVID Memes, which is a compilation of various memes related to COVID-19 from across the Internet. COVID-19 has negatively affected many of our lives, but I think it's important to find the humor in our problems and be able to laugh at them. Hopefully it helps some people take their minds off of the stress that we're all feeling.

It's still in the early stages, but let me know what you think about it and what features would be nice to add. New memes are added every so often.

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    looks good, how about adding meme directly to the app? as a user I would think: I will upload it Insta and come on the app and submit a link?

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      Thanks for the feedback! Do you mean when someone submits a meme through the form? I think that's probably a good idea, but for now I'm requiring them to submit a link. It's pretty easy for them to upload an image to a website like Imgur and then submit a link to that. I added a blurb on the form that tells them how to do it.

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        cool, also how about like and/or comment feature?

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          Yup, that's definitely in the works 👍

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    it's wonderful how people cope with the situation. I submitted a meme, a cool idea

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    I submitted one. You can have a direct download button on your site instead of some Google form.

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      Thanks for the feedback! I used a Google Form initially because it was the quickest way, but I'm working on adding the ability to submit memes directly on the website.