Growth March 24, 2020

Craft an awesome tweet and I'll tweet it out via the @indiehackers account

Rosie Sherry @rosiesherry

In an attempt to support indie hackers whilst having a bit of fun I'd love to put out some tweets written by you.

Anything goes - craft something about you, your product, something you've written, an image, a video, something useful or any other idea you may have!

I'm not sure what kind of contributions I'll get, but I hope to choose at least 10 tweets from the list to share over the coming week.

👇 Participate below. 👇

  1. Write the text of a tweet in the comments below
  2. I will choose at least 10 to tweet
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    Fun idea @rosiesherry! I'll go with a shameless plug tweet :)

    At my last office job I watched my boss pick his nose far more times than I want to remember. Gross. But now that I work remotely... I kinda miss it. So I built 🤷

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        Thanks @rosiesherry! This is awesome! Fun times!

        @petecodes not sure why you replied to the tweet saying that your project is better. Unless I'm missing some humor or something... why did you do that?

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      Peak nose picking season, (aka spring allergy season), just ended in Vancouver, Canada!

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    Accelerate your company while you staying at home! 13 Remote Startup Accelerators to Apply to Today 👉 #StayHome

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        OMG! thanks a lot @rosiesherry!!!! 🙏😻😻

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    Thanks @rosiesherry! Here is mine:

    Find companies that are actively hiring in the next few weeks during the COVID-19 Pandemic here: (If you are company that's hiring, you can submit it as well)!

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        Thank you!

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    1.) I writes te codes
    2.) You payz te money
    3.) Profit

    Sarcam of course, don't tweet that.

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    Maybe I'll use this opportunity to help people who lost their jobs due to COVID-19. Hopefully, it will help them land a remote job or assist during the job search.

    Laid off due to the COVID-19 crisis? I'm giving month-long membership for free. 
    How to apply:
    1. Signup for a free trial
    2. Send me an email [email protected] to avail
    RT for visibility
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      If not that maybe this will work?

      Remote Leaf collects remote jobs from 40+ remote job boards, social media feeds & 1200+ company career pages, LinkedIn and more.
      ✅More than 10 hours spent daily on search and tagging
      ✅Save you time, energy, and frustration, help you find a job faster
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          Thank you so much @rosiesherry 🎉

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    Understanding art is easy. If you can hang it on a wall it's a painting. If you can walk around it, it's a sculpture. If you're an artist, you'll probably find posing tool useful.

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    me: opens up Instagram to see some memes.
    Ends up seeing all the other bullshit on Instagram to get one good meme

    Switch to meh meh, Gives you the right memes. Nothing more nothing less.

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    "Make yourself so bored for 4 hours a day, that you will do art for free. Because otherwise, you'll do what almost everyone has done, which is get a job, and then be so tired from your job that you don't make art."

    @ThisIsSethsBlog on Creative Elements

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      Coming this week...

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    I'm interviewing founders at Who would you want to hear from?

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    When was the last time when you saved something in your bookmarks and forgot about it?
    That's what @MailistApp is for; it creates automated email newsletters built from your bookmarks.
    How smart is that?

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      I culled the end, thought it might encourage some smart ass to be difficult. :)

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        That is amazing, thank you!

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          Wrong Twitter handle, annoying. :|

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            OH :(((( you are right! it's @AppMailist ofcourse...

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    "Well, once you are stuck inside anyways go to and kick off that side-project you have been dreaming about for ages! But wash your hands before!"

    That's the best I can come up with 😂️

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      I wished for this product in the past. I've got some feedback for yours, if you're open to it. My email is on my profile.

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        Sure, I'll flip you an email.

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    Good idea @rosiesherry. Here is a bit about my side project:

    Anything with an API is a #NoCode tool.

    With tools like HubspotCRM, Zoom, Calendly, etc, I automate processes I would have otherwise coded OR done manually.

    That is why focuses on integrations.

    In beta. Feedback welcome!

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    What your pricing says about your product

    • $/seat: every user gets value
    • $/team: The value is for the team not the user
    • Low price : product isn’t that valuable
    • High price: This is a premium product
    • Freemium: Need time to see value
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      I put this out last week as part of your full post. I couldn't find your proper Twitter handle (one in your IH profile is incorrect) -

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    Times are tough. Don't forget the human in human capital.

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    Hi @rosiesherry will you do that again?

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      Would you like me to? :)

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    🎶I used to update my band's official website, Facebook events, cover picture, Bandcamp, etc. Now I just update 🤘

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    Lockdowns got you out of work? Did you know you don't need to be a coder to launch an internet business these days? There has never been a better time to try out that online business idea you've been dreaming about. Search "no-code development" to find out how others are launching their businesses.

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    March 28 12pm ET LIVESTREAM
    8 kick-ass Entrepreneurs all start from scratch sharing only their mindsets and experiences to co-create some innovative and unshakable project ideas that can beat a recession.

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    I'm 15 and I just launched, an html website theme that saves developers and designers countless hours of time and kickstarting their startups.

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    Bet you peeps are jealous I got a short and sweet .com like

    In 2020, no less. Heh. 😄😄😄

    The Twitter handle is taken though, by some fellow who hasn't tweeted in TEN YEARS.

    So I had to settle for @GetZlappo. 🤷

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    We stumbled upon conclusive evidence to the age old question:

    Who really runs the internet, Cats or Humans?

    In our heart of hearts, we all knew the truth...

    Do you agree with the data?

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    The burden on online learning and healthcare orgs has increased immensely. If you run an educational institute, non-profit or healthcare organization, we want to support you by offering free enterprise plan for 90 days. Reach out to us at @zipboardco #wfh

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    #stayhome #savealife #stayhealty

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    Well, being a true indie hacker apprentice I feel "embarrassed" to share v1 of this 1990s-looking app that took me over 30+ hours to build. Actually it's a full stack SaaS starter kit (react, express, sqlite + Auth0) #whosaidtheoriginalquote?

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    Hi, we launched an app called calmAscent to help people learn about mindfulness and build a self-care daily routine. Please check out the beta version of the app. Thanks!

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    Bring your customers closer to your brand through conversational commerce @CartloopHQ

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    Email your dentist and ask them to donate PPE! Some dentists have thousands of gloves, hundreds of masks (including N95s), face shields, gowns and sanitizer.

    And support dentists who donate by telling your friends to get a cleaning once this is all over!

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    Please be safe and create a professional self-learning chatbot for your resume in one click (< 5 seconds) with

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    Hi thank you, here is my entry for the 10 horse race:

    Increase your site visitors 10 times or more is very possible if you follow the following graphs. The graphs present an explanation of where well managed sites get most of their traffic. It is important to stretch the point, that search engines are a major source of...

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    What if I tell you the future is now, well atleast for artificial intelligence development.
    Enter the future 👉

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    My tweet got responded to by Ryan Hoover during our PH launch. Any chance you can retweet that? :)

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      Better late than never!

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    Hi Rosie,

    Last weekend out of boredom I created this anonymous blogging/writing site (No login required). It's Write [email protected]#k you want . https://Write.WTF

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    "In my 4+ years of running my SaaS, I have ignored venture funding to stay bootstrapped. Until this week. We are currently interviewing for a position at my startup and I am meeting SO many talented and wonderful people who need work that I wish I had $millions in the bank to hire them ALL."

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    Street musicians

    Going remote is so 1.0 now. Going asynchronous is the new frontier. Doist has cracked that for tasks and communication, Buffer for social networking, and Shipit for roadmaps.

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    Hey podcasters! We are launching the first podcast hosting platform with unlimited storage and downloads with complete episode by episode analytics for your podcast for only $10/mo for beta users! Check us out
    #podcast #podcasts #podcasters #podcasting

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    @rosiesherry love the idea! This isn’t really for our product but would love to get the word out:


    Get drunk on camera 🍻 with strangers! Our friends at @TribeWorksHQ are hosting a digital happy hour for in honor of #socialdistancing every friday 4pm PST/7pm EST RSVP here:!

    Here is a link to an image:


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    Coronavirus is bringing us a lot of negative stuff, but at the same time it making us change a lot of things for the better. One example: In my country doctor's offices are working remotely and it came out that most of the cases they can send e-prescription and sign days off remotely. The other, smaller percentage of people is requested to come for additional check-up. Result: smaller queues to doctor's office.

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    In these times, individuals and businesses alike need additional ways of receiving financial support. Tipalink helps people earn more money by accepting tips online. Learn how to create a Tipalink Profile and start receiving tips online:

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    It’s possible to start a company in any sector w/no experience

    It’s best to hire someone w/ industry credibility and relevant experience as soon as possible.

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    Don’t try to over-engineer your career

    The job you will have in 5 yrs is likely not on your radar or doesn’t exist yet

    With time & more experience, life will pull you into new directions .

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    The best way to get the attention and respect of exceptional people is to do exceptional work

    Like attracts like

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    According to Campaign Monitor, welcome emails on average generate up to 320% more revenue per email than other promotional emails.💰

    Are you guilty of using the default welcome message that comes with your email marketing software? 🤔

    👉 How to Write a Welcome Email Sequence -

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      Coming soon!

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        Thank you 😁

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    Early stage entrepreneurs are prepared for challenging times. No income for long periods of time? Stuck in your house trying not to think about what you're missing out on? Eating from a can often to save money? Avoiding your friends? Stress about the future? This is basic stuff.

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    The Five-Mniute Favor

    Adam Rifkin's giving is governed by a simple rule: the five-minute favor.
    “You should be willing to do something that will take you five minutes or less for anybody”

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    I just launched a new microproject. Would be great if you could tweet this out :)

    Screenshot Inspiration is a curated collection of 100+ beautiful app screenshots by @richard_chu that is part of his engineering-as-marketing campaign for Screenshot Creator:

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      Coming tomorrow/Monday!

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        Thank you Rosie! Much appreciated :)

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    If you’re looking for something fresh to read during quarantine, I started blogging about my journey as a female solopreneur!

    • Edited to fit the format!
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      Hey Allison, love the Fantasy Congress idea so much! What a hilarious way to get people involved in a really important thing. In other news, I just tried to get some emails from you and got this error.

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        Aw thank you!
        Looks like that's an issue with ghost and mailgun:
        Signing up with a gmail works if you have one of those. I'll look into how to get around this.

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        Thank you thank you!

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      I won't be retweeting, I'm looking for people to write a tweet as a comment here and I will tweet it. I'll edit the post to be clearer about that.

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        Oops! sorry!

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          Thank you :)

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