Landing Page Feedback April 30, 2019

Create 'Explanatory Story' for your idea, startup, research

Viktor Futó @optimista

Hello everyone, I noticed it's been a recurrent theme here and there having a project and needing to explain it to your audience.

There's a lot of text everywhere and we value our time and it takes time to read everything, so the blog post doesn't get that much attention (perhaps a headline or first three lines at most).

To get to that sensation of clarity and immediate understanding, I created this - a tool/platform where you can create 'explanatory stories' - a mix of presentations, mind maps and documents - to keep the curiosity and attention of reader.

It's almost like, but with Brainec what you write you can

  1. move, 2. connect, 3. play.

(Bonus: and export it into a single *.html file)

A brief example of explanatory story on CRISPR:

What do you think? How could this be helpful for you? Which communities could be this helpful for?

Happy to listen to your comments, feedback, discuss about your ideas and help you with creation of explanatory stories for your own thing!


  1. 1

    Neat concept, sort of like a presentation + long form writing. I personally still find the amount of information a bit overwhelming as I scroll down though - though it could just be me.

    Btw if you're looking for feedback on your concept I have a research service where for $12 you can ask 100 people a question then follow-up based on how they answered and even interview them!

    You could ask "How often are you bored by presentations and what bores you about them?"

    Anyway just thought it might help. Best of luck!

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    I really like the idea of this. As someone who wants to get better at learning, note taking and sharing of ideas, I think I would love to use this kind of thing.

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      Sure, feel free! We run daily backups, so your data is being protected and also, there's always an option to export your document into *.html file and delete its online version if you prefer.

      Thank you for the tagging as well O: )

      We're thinking that perhaps it could be useful for the field of #scicomm, scientific communication.