Building in Public February 17, 2021

Create luck through consistency | Behind the scenes of my IH journey

Jim Zarkadas @jimzarkadas

I took the leap and made my first YouTube video where it's just me and the camera. No livestreaming, no interviewing.

I focused on keeping it simple and pushing something live.

There are a ton of things I want to improve but my goal is to start this kind of "video essay" videos and talk about how I make a living as an indie maker and freelancer.

My goal is to focus on publishing, accept I am a beginner on this and improve along the way!

I hope you'll enjoy it :-)

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    Well done! Enjoyed watching it, the length was just right. :) 👏

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      That's beautiful to hear thank you so much!

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    Nice Video!
    If you are trying to grow your youtube channel. I have a suggestion:
    Try hiding the amount of subscribers.(This trick helps you to gain so much more subscribers).
    And also I subscribed

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      Hey man! Thanks a lot for the tip I ll think about it :) And thank you a lot for the support!

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    Personally, I don’t like videos. I think in modern world it’s a very slow type of medium.

    By slow I mean that it takes me more time to consume than reading a blog post.

    When reading a blog, I can scan through paragraphs, pick up stuff that is most useful without actually reading the whole thing. Speed reading so to speak.

    But with videos it is impossible, and you have to listen to the whole thing.

    But I know people who conversely prefer video content. I think I just value my time a bit more, and my tunnelled attention can’t span to something playing in the background.

    @jimzarkadas I would recommend you to speak a little bit faster on the recording with respect to people like me ☺️

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      Thanks a lot for the feedback! And yes I totally agree, thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts :-)

      In general I create two topics of content.

      1. UX design and psychology
      2. Behind the scenes of indiehacking

      For my content I have the following strategy:

      The main reason I also do videos is because people can connect with me emotionally on a deeper level since they can listen to my voice, watch me describing a topic and also observe me as a personality. Video is a beautiful and powerful format for creators that want to build a community with strong relationships.

      But your thoughts are 100% valid. Not everybody has the time for videos that's why I always provide a blog post version as well. Hope this works! :-D

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      Setting playback speed to 1.25 does the trick.

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    Nice, man! Video content is your strength in my opinion. 👍

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