No-Code February 16, 2021

Create paid member-only community, sell content from Airtable with Softr

Mariam Hakobyan @mariamhakobyan

Using your Airtable bases, now you can easily create client portals, paid member-only community, sell digital services, content, courses, using as the frontend! 🚀

Softr now supports:

💸 👤 🔒 Login / Signup functionality - Authenticate users using your Airtable bases

💳 Paid Content (Stripe Checkout) - Request users to pay recurring fee or one-time payment to get access to content from Airtable

👁️ Conditional Visibility based on Payment, User Email & Domain - Restrict access to entire page or sections of a page, depending on user logged in status or payment conditions

🤖 Dynamically connect Softr frontend to Airtable - now 10x faster

👥 Manage registered users in your Softr application - no need to store passwords in Airtable

🔍 Search, Sorting, Pagination on your Airtable data - all out of the box

🔄 On the fly update of any Airtable changes (new column, content change) - no time lags

Coming Soon:

  • Automatically Sync Softr Users with Airtable - so you can enhance your users data in your base
  • Conditional Filters on Listing (e.g. Different users see different data from Airtable bases)

Learn more in this video -
Hope you enjoy it! 😀

Would love to hear your feedback! See more here -
Cheers, Mariam

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