Create visual sitemaps and get estimates

Hello all 👋
recently I posted here a demo of our sitemap and estimation tool Octopus. So, we're worked hard past days and today I’m super excited to invite you to try out beta — www.octopus.do

Right now it is a true MVP stage, meaning no signups, no payments, no exporting, no promos etc. Instead, we’re focusing on the main functionality and user needs. Only you can help us to make the Octopus better, therefore we will appreciate feedback about:

  1. What is it that you used Octopus for in first place: prototyping a sitemap or creating a project estimate?
  2. Did you encounter any bugs or issues in UI?
  3. Anything you'd like to suggest?

Many thanks!


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    What is the tech stack for front end UI for this?

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      This comment was deleted 3 years ago.

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    1. The main focus I used to on the Octopus is using estimates to provide for your client.
    2. I didn't test it deeply, but for first look that looks great.
    3. That's a great tool, probably I'll use that instead of Google Excel docs for an estimate of my work to customers. But one thing that would better in UX, I wanted also set a count of hours per developing stages for each page. Similar as the Design stage.

    Look at the screenshot - http://i.imgur.com/h7fqwFm.png

    That will be useful to understand without explanation for my customer which pages will take more/less time per developing/testing/X stages.

    Anyway that's great and visial understanding tool of estimates!)

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      Thanks for your feedback. We have this feature in backlog, but didn't quite figure out how to make it quick and simple for the user. Not every stage is calculated by each page separately.

      A little tip: you can input "80%" in frontend hours and it will calculate % hours from Design stage.

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        Yes, I noticed that approach for the general estimate of developing/frontend for the project. But probably useful if I could show my customer what's page will take much longer time than others.
        And probably then, the customer will easily understand that's because on page X have some complex feature.

        What's about making UX for the user, I propose what would be clear for me as I direct user:

        1. By default we have design stage selected and I could add estimates for each page.
        2. Other stages have radio buttons.
        3. I'll switch to the radio button of Development and the new hour-box will appear beside of design estimate hour-box with another color style as well.

        Something like that http://i.imgur.com/NYmWcFj.png

        That's my thoughts, may that will help you :)

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          we just rolled out this feature, check out the estimate setion :)

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            Wow, listen that's a cool update!)
            It became more understandable for the client and I think that more transparent about how the client's bill was created.


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          Good approach! :) I'll discuss this with the team. Thank you!

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