Freelancers June 30, 2020

Creating a product page for my business

Clo S @clo

Hi everyone 👋

I'm hesitating to create a product page on IH for my business, and I'd like your opinion.

For some background, I created This Too Shall Grow, a mindful UX studio. I focus on how to do UX (design, research, conversational) in an ethical way that respects users' mental health and privacy.

This Too Shall Grow's activities are:

  • Consulting & production work for various clients, on UX design, UX research and conversational design
  • Content: writing articles and giving talks on mindful UX, growing my newsletter to share related content
  • In the future, I want to offer training and some other services, always related to mindful UX

You can learn more here:

So, do you think it'd make sense for me to create a product page here?
If you have one, what's your opinion on them?
Did they bring anything positive or negative to you?

Thanks a lot in advance!