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Creating my first info product to help people focus.

A month ago today, I sat down with my wife to confess that I had a terrible, negative monologue going on in my head.

I was behind on work and struggling so hard to get anything done.

As a result, I kept saying things like “you’re such an idiot” or “you’re messed up in the head” or “you’ll never get any better”

Like the wise wife that she is, she let me vent and confess my frustration.

Then she spoke life-giving words to me that immediately put things into perspective. She reminded me of the practical strategies that worked for me in the past.

The next day, our son was home from school due to a COVID case in his class.

We have to monitor his virtual learning, so my wife took the first shift.

I felt distracted and frustrated, but I pulled out my journal. I starting working through what I was feeling and what I planned to work on next.

An amazing thing happened. I realized that despite my circumstance, I could write out one word after the next.

“Huh... wait a second. I’m able to focus enough to complete this paragraph.”

I took that little seed of focus, watered it with a few other tactics.

The result? I found myself in a state of concentration—all with a headache, distractions, and family interruptions abounding.

Tomorrow will mark one month of daily, nearly-flawless concentration. And it’s already proven to be transformative.

I can't wait for what's next.


I’m going to put all this together into my first info product because it could help others find a new way to approach their work.

You can get a notification for when I launch by signing up here:


or by following me on Twitter as I #buildinpublic: @JamieHoward

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