No-Code January 8, 2020

Creating Tenant Dashboards in SaaS


We haven't done any front end development earlier and looking for no-code tools which makes building the UI easier for a tenant to access his dashboard?

We have the REST API ready and looking for a tool which can create UI (with easy integration using theme forest templates) and populate the data from REST API.

For ex: We should be able to make the dashboard website using templates like ( and the integration should be no code environment. The data needs to be take from the REST (CRUD) api.

Would be great if someone gives an idea on how to handle this part of our product.

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    Hi @ayyappa99.

    I think it possible to do with nocode. But it requires some adjustment and settings. I need more details if possible. We can discuss it.

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      Can you please let me know the available options? Please let me know your queries.

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        I think it is suitable with

        But you couldn't see some similar examples yet. Maybe it will be easier to demonstrate even alive. But then I need some input. Examples of data and examples of results. You can use [email protected] for it

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    I'm not aware of a no code tool that takes an existing theme, imports it, and allows you to do as you've described.

    There is of course Webflow which allows you to easily create your own (or use + tweak existing templates from their site).