Landing Page Feedback May 13, 2019

Creatives, what do you think of my landing page?

Nia Lee @Nia

I'm working on a mentorship service aimed at product designers. Please let me know what you think


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    Hi Nia,

    • First impression was nice, clean and bold.
    • I think the green may be a little too bright and maybe a bit too duotone, maybe add a tertiary color.
    • On smaller screens the white type of 'help make the untangible tangible' becomes quite hard to read and won't pass accessibility tests
    • The green shape on the right goes over the top of word 'skills'
    • The buttons start overlapping on smaller screens
    • The 'enter your email' field looks like an inactive button because its the same shape as the buttons
    • The body copy font kerning isnt great and isn't that easy to read, could do better
    • I think the final section of the site with the three designers is a better indicator of what sagely does, I'd probably put that at the top.
    • Considering that this is a site for designers to be coached by experienced designers, the design needs to be top tier.

    hope that helps, keep going, good idea.

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      Wow, this is great feedback. I'll implement these changes. Thanks Tim!!!

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    In addition to other comments, I'd suggest changing how forms on the subpages look like. IMO the placeholders get too much attention and aren't helpful. Fields background is too dark and as the result, I see the name of the field first (e.g. Last Name), then I see the placeholder (Enter Your Last Name), then I see the fields themselves...

    I'd also change "Submit" to something more personal & engaging, maybe "Start coaching"?

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      Good point, I'll try that!

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    Dig the colour scheme Nia, but a few too many font types for me!

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      That's fair, I'll implement this feedback.