Landing Page Feedback January 12, 2021

Critique my landing page


Hi everyone!

I'm getting ready to launch my first SaaS product, a bookmarking app that I've been working on and off over the last few years as a side project, as I was frustrated with all the other tools out there, and had a messed up system where my bookmarks were spread out over 4-5 apps. Life got in the way before I could launch it, but no more excuses.

I want to ship it as fast as I can, so I redesigned my landing page today.

Feedback on the copy, design; tips, constructive criticism, questions about the product, all welcome 🙂

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    Hi Dhamani,

    Hope I got the name right. 😅


    1. Really well thought h1 headings.
    2. The bullet points in the hero section are very compelling.
    3. Public roadmap approach is very inviting. ( It is just getting overlooked, a design change is needed)


    1. Decrease the font-size and the space that the logo covers. It is currently pushing the CTA off the screen even for desktop viewport.
    2. A lot of illustrations are used. Use illustration only for the benefit / feature that you think will matter most for the end user. You already mentioned the benefits in the hero section. Highlight at most 2 of the best experiences that the product provides. It will reduce clutter, increase clarity for the user.
    3. The roadmap offer should be in a separate section with a separate CTA.
    4. The privacy section has a lot of text. Consider boiling it down to only two bullet points that you highlight in the heading of the section.

    Hope this helps.

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      Hi Arslan,

      Thanks for the feedback. To you, as a potential user, which of the listed features would be most important?

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    these are my 3 main suggestions.

    1. What problem do you target?
    When I land on the page I see the name of the website, which tell me only where I am.

    Then I read this line "Your browser, on steroids", which doesn't explain much to me.
    I went back to your presentation here (I didn't read before clicking on the link) to understand that you're not launching a new browser.

    Did you consider to start with a headline that highlight your users' problem?

    Something like: "Navigating online is a constant source of chaos?"
    Or, more in general: "Do you have Problem X?"

    At that point a new visitor know straightaway if he is in the right place.

    2. The font proportions are problematic
    The main body of the page is full of picture with big bold font under them. It creates a lot of visual chaos.

    I don't know what to give attention. Plus all those visual graphics don't convey a very specific message. They seem put there, just to occupy space.

    A bullet list, like the initial one, is easier to skim and to understand at first sight.

    3. Put the form above the fold
    In my MacBook 13 I have to scroll down to see the subscription form.

    You have a lot of empty space in the initial section to put it above the fold. It make clearer the CTA for a new visitor.

    Hope some of this is useful for you.


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      This is really good feedback, I will see how to best apply this. I've been thinking on the headline

      Your Bookmarks Supercharged
      The last bookmarking tool you'll ever need
      Superpowers for your browser

      Trying to find something that will get to the core pain point quickly, harder than it seems 😅

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        In my landing page I start always with a question.

        Easier for me, easier for the reader.

        What are your customer tired of?

        • Tired of losing useful links?
        • Are your bookmarks always a mess?
        • I don't know :) But if you don't know as well, better to talk with a potential user.
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