April 26, 2019

Critique this idea #1: Cheap Eats Mobile App

This is a mobile app where shops and restaurants post discounts and offers for their food. To stay niche, this app is solely for F&B outlets and not other retail store.

Restaurant owners:
It ought to be spontaneous and restaurant owners can post as and when appropriate. For instance, if there are a bunch of fresh sandwiches at 9pm, a restaurant owner can just post: "Half price on all sandwiches!" The post can be set to expire/disappear after a certain time period (e.g 2hr) or toggled to stay permanent. Restaurant owners are limited to 2 post a day to prevent spam. Of course, restaurant owners can pay to BUMP (bring up my post).

On the consumer end, posts from restaurant owners will be visible based on distance. So a consumer can see ongoing offers or discount within a X mile radius. Consumers can choose to 'follow' specific restaurants and 'like' specific discounts or offers. The results (e.g 30 offers within a one mile radius) can be further categorized to popular, newest or followed.

Whats your thought on this idea? Is it confusing to you guys?