October 4, 2019

CRMs for Bootstrappers

Steve Recio @steverecio

Which CRMs is everybody using? Right now I'm looking at Close and HubSpot. I looked into Outreach but it seemed too expensive. I'm leaning towards Close but keep hearing good things about HubSpot. What are your thoughts for someone on a tight budget doing lots of cold outreach? I need to automate my cold email sequences and track conversions (in-app calling is a plus).

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    Little known fact is you can use a free edition of Salesforce for as long as you want:

    It's fully featured and you can definitely do automated email comms. There are some hard limits and a bit of a learning curve - but it is free after all. Sort of ghetto to use the developer edition for your primary crm but that's what I did until we became a Salesforce app partner (we get it for free). They try and recruit developers to adopt their platform so they give away free dev orgs.

    You can always export your data if you outgrow it and move your leads & contacts to Hubspot later.

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    Some 'interesting' recommendations in here so far 😅

    For a bit of background context - I've built a few sales teams and now teach founders how to do early stage sales.

    IMO Hubspot does have its use cases - if you're focussed heavily on inbound and already using Hubspot's marketing tools, for example.

    But otherwise - given your background info - Close is the clear winner. It's hands down my favourite CRM and will save you a lot of time once you understand how it works.

    There are slightly cheaper CRMs out there. There are more feature complete CRMs out there. But - for what you need - Close is definitely the best bang for your buck.

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    Hey! You might wanna check out this upcoming webinar: https://dronahq.com/webinar-build-a-crm-tool-with-no-code-platform/ We're gonna talk about features you are looking for - Click to call, Lead enrichment, scoring, Zoom integrations, Email tracking..

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    Look at Active Campaign (no affiliation just a fan). Very powerful, excellent support and resources and much, much cheaper than the likes of Hubspot which have lots of gotchas that quickly drive the price very high.

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