Crossed 700 members on Local SEO Community

Over the last 2 weeks, Local SEO Community has gone from 600 to 700 members 😊

Word of mouth has helped growth a lot, as I have seen a lot of signups from people who work in the SEO industry (employees at companies like Moz and Ahrefs).

I'm super happy with the engagement from community members. There are new posts basically every day, and when a member posts, someone else replies to them pretty quickly.

link: www.localseocommunity.com

What is local SEO, and how is it different from normal SEO?

For example, a restaurant doesn't need to worry about ranking globally for the search term "food".

Rather, that restaurant just wants to show up at the top of the map search results (AKA Map Pack) when people search "food" in their area.

That is local SEO 🤓

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    Eeey, nice! An active seo community. On your way to a 1000. Would you say it's more tailored to beginners or the SEO veterans?

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      I've noticed there are basically 2 different types of members on Local SEO Community:

      1. Small business owners trying to learn how to optimize their SEO and Google My Business listing

      2. People who work in the local SEO industry (agencies, freelancers)

      So it's both a combination of beginners and veterans :)

      1. 1

        Sounds like a good match.

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    Congrats on your win! Can you share a few tips to keep members engaged? Would love to learn from it.

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      Hey Musa, I would say the most important thing with any community in the early stages is making sure every post gets replied to.

      Nobody wants to join a dead community, so in the early stages, it's on you to really foster that engagement.

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        Great advice. Did you have to hire help from the beginning to make sure all posts are engaged or one person can do this alone?

        1. 2

          You can definitely do it yourself in the early stages :)

          Once the community grows, ideally your community members answer each other's questions.

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            Thank you Davis for your prompt answer. Love to learn more about SEO from the community.

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    Congrats! I used to work in local SEO ;) It's true, there was no community. Nice to see someone tackle this!

    1. 1

      Thanks Gene!

      I'm sure you still have some industry knowledge, so would be happy to have you join :)

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    Link isn't working

  5. 1

    Congrats @DavisBaer! Keep up the good work!
    I am unable to click on the link you have embedded.
    Do double check and fix that, would love to know more!

      1. 1

        Looks good @DavisBaer!
        I'm curious, did you code the entire website yourself?

  6. 1

    @DavisBaer I think link is broken, it leads to IH home page

    1. 2

      Seemed to be a bug with IH's markdown formatting. Try now :)

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