Looking to Partner Up November 24, 2020



Looking for a cto. I have an mvp in the market but can't write code to save my life. Any takers?

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    Basically the business is really fragmented and there isn't an online marketplace to solve problems like fraud, quality and payments. I've been running an outsourcing business for a few years and noticed how difficult it can be for a seller to find a good customer or a company to hire a good call center. Alas, callbit.com.... :)


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    What is the idea about?

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    callbit.com. I'm looking for a business partner and CTO. I have a team. building out the 2.0 version of the mvp but Im looking for a true business partner, one willing to stick it out for 5+ years to build a brand and company.

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    Hi, I'd love to hear more, both about the commercial opportunity, and what is needed technically. I have developed several start-up products from 0 to deployment. My email is on my profile.

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    Hi, I have over 5 years experience in web apps development in both front/back sides. I have worked with Django and Laravel. If you like you can reach me at [email protected].

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      Hey, I'm looking for a technical co-founder (CTO) to build a deep tech company powered by computer vision AI & body recognition. I have full E2E experience in SAAS, eCommerce, digital transformation, infrastructure and global logistics. I have delivered 38 ideas into projects through to operational excellence for the worlds biggest brands such as P&G, Honda, Nintendo, Mercedes, Nestle, Singapore Airlines and many more. I have also successfully commercialised and launched new technology in markets around the world.
      I have also ideated and delivered a computer vision AI for my employer that's now generating millions in revenue.
      Other skills I have include; pitching, client and stakeholder management, resource and budget management, risk management, operations management and a leadership award.

      In my own time, I invest my disposable income in deep tech companies on the stock market and my portfolio is at 159% profit which is about 150% higher than the hedge funds managed by the big 4, therefore, I understand business strategy and what makes a valuable company for the market and also to investors, these skills will help me build a scalable, globally impactful company.

      Please reach out if you have the right technical skills and also ambition and commitment to creating your own startup. I have a few ideas, however, I want to pick the final idea with my co-founder whilst also exploring your ideas if you have any.
      I am currently based in the UK which is my co-founder preference, however, I'm happy to explore a remote partnership.

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