CTO/Co-Founder Needed - B2B SaaS

Hi Everyone!

I am currently working on a B2B SaaS startup in the contactless payments industry. I currently work for a Global Information Technology & Services company that operates in 130+ countries. I am looking for a potential Co-Founder/CTO that isn't afraid to get their hands dirty.

My background is in Product Management, Finance, Sales and Marketing. I have an education in Business and Finance but also understand the technical side of Computer Science. I have built out the business side of the business (spoken with customers, competitor analysis, planned out the project scope, target market, market opportunity, etc.) and now looking to build the product based on feedback. We have created a demo video that I would love to share with you individually so that you can understand the company and product vision.

I would love to connect with you if you are interested in this opportunity or would like to contribute in some way. Please message me on LinkedIn or email me at [email protected]. Thanks!

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    Better than most "looking for co-founder" type posts I see 👏

    Good luck with the search, Bryan

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      Thanks! I have worked on several projects prior to this but definitely see this as the biggest opportunity. I am very open-minded and love collaborating with other Indie Hackers so don't hesitate to reach out :).

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    Hi Bryan please check your mail, look forward to touch with you
    Thank you

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