Learning to Code October 15, 2020

Curated 100+ Resources to Learn New Technologies.

Vaibhav @vd

Hello, learners.

So, I like to learn new technologies and have been learning a lot of technologies like AR,VR, Data Science. Currently, onto Big Data and Machine Learning.

Because I was studying these topics and used to do research work for each, I decided to compile everything and make it into a resource for those of us interested in learning new technologies or are building new projects.

This resource will help you by providing free and high quality tutorials to dive into famous, upcoming technologies.

You can check it out on - http://learningin.tech/

Please let me know what you all think about it. All the feedback is appreciated!

Best Regards,

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    Congrats on your launch!

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      Thank you but do you find the resource actually helpful?

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    This is wonderful! Congratulations on your launch.

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      Thank you for the kind words. What are your thoughts on the resource?

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    Love how it's organized. I explored the Blockchain resources and really liked them.

    It could be cool to come up with an icon system to indicate what type of resource each card represents—a course, a primer/article, a tutorial, a resource. I know you mention that a bit in the description, but if I'm scanning for tutorials (for example) it would speed my experience to be able to identify all the tutorials just by an icon in the corner of the card.

    Also, a small thing but I'd love the links to open in a new tab :-D

    I really like the name and the branding.

    I was experiencing an issue:

    1. click on "Blockchain"
    2. click the back arrow to go back to the list
    3. click on "Automation" — nothing happens, and the Blockchain list of resources appears underneath the list of categories

    I was able to reproduce it consistently, no matter which category I clicked on. If I use the back arrow to get to the list, clicking on categories no longer works.

    Chrome 86.0.4240.80, Mac OS 10.15.6

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      Thank you so much for the feedback and I am really glad that you liked the resources. I am happy that you found some value in it.

      For the type of filtering that you've mentioned, I have it in the pipeline! You can surely expect it soon.

      Also, Thank you for reporting the issue. I must've missed on it as it's a router issue but I will fix it. 🙌

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