Developers December 3, 2020

Curious about what tools/resources you use daily for product making 🤔


Hey IH,
What tools are you use in your daily workflow?
it can be anything notion, website builder, gumroad, and any website or chrome extension anything that comes in your workflow.

comment down your tools/resources...👇
and don't forget to upvote so you can see which tools other IH use and you can add it to your workflow ❤

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    Current toolset while building out Metronome:

    • vi for programming
    • Chrome for testing
    • bash+ssh for command-line stuff
    • Google Keep for organizing my notes
    • git/GitLab for code repository
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    Google docs

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    Hey @iOmkarBirje,

    As a UX/UI designer for me these work the best:

    1. Figma - designing, brainstorming
    2. Slack - team communication
    3. Heurio - UX reviews, general website commenting & collaboration
    4. Gmail, Google Drive, Google Calendar
    5. Semplice - basic website building
    6. Grammarly
    7. Trello

    +1 Spotify

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      Haha, love the Spotify at the end xD Great music always makes work easier, we shouldn't forget that :-)

      Heurio looks great, it's exactly what I need for when I launch my MVP and need feedback from other users; just bookmarked it, thanks for sharing!

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        Great! I'm glad it could boost your launch! Wish you the bests!

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    My new tool: - quickly build databases and APIs in the cloud

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    • Vue.js
    • Three.js
    • Buefy
    • Bulma
    • Blender
    • DazStudio
    • Notion
    • Photoshop
    • Illustrator
    • Git/GitLab
    • PHPStorm IDE
    • Twitter
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    According to my actual logs, it's:

    • VIM
    • Firefox
    • Git
    • zsh
    • Elixir + Phoenix +Ecto
    • Postgres
    • SSH
    • systemd
    • grep
    • history
    • VS Code
    • Digital Ocean
    • YouTube
    • Twitter
    • Dropbox (but I hate it)
    • Sendfox
    • OBS
    • Shotcut
    • Twitch Studio

    I'm also a heavy user of:

    • Notes for iPad
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    I'm building to help product-people build better products.

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    I work in emacs with all my source on github, using Jekyll for presentation (everything is a static page right now). I keep all my notes and TODOs in org-mode. I also run my shells inside emacs, so my screen generally has either emacs up or Chrome.

    <Self Promotion> I use BrainTool ( as my uber-bookmark manager in Chrome. It syncs with my org-mode file so notes and links are unified into a single personal information store.</Self Promotion>

    Other stuff: stackoverflow (hourly), Figma for mockups, like @iOmkarBirje I use, Jupyter notebooks, all the Google stuff - Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Photos. I use Google Back and Sync to mount my GDrive locally.

    Other Chrome Extensions: LastPass, AdBlockPlus, Video Speed Controller, Quick Tabs

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    My tools and resources 👇


    Chrome Extensions

    1. Site Palette
    2. Colorzilla Chrome extension
    3. What font
    4. Grammarly
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