Ideas and Validation July 3, 2020

Custom 404 Pages as Service

Kishore @prakis


What do you think of offshoring 404 pages ?
Instead of you creating and maintaining your own 404 pages, your 404 page will simply forward to my subdomain.
example :

You can customize and select beautiful 404 themes and provide additional information like contact email.

Later you can login to my website and access your 404 analytics.

Will you use such service for a minimal price or would you rather prefer if it is a free service?

Thanks for your time.

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    Honestly, I don't like this idea, redirecting visitors to an external domain and present them with error 404 will confuse them.

    Unless it's using my own domain then it's okay.

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      To add to this, I think this could work if instead of redirecting to the subdomain, he could just allow them to customise the template in an editor he could make, and give them the HTML code

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        Yep I agreed

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      Lets say this custom error page is included inside your own page as a iframe or a external html div/image...etc. that way user won't be redirected to other domain. Would you be interested to use it instead of your own error page?

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        If it's free then I might use it, if I need to pay then I will spend 15 minutes to craft my own 404 page.

        I'm sorry but what pain points are you trying to solve?
        Why not just sell 404 templates or create 404 generators and extract it to HTML?

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    You're saying replace a 404 response code with a 301 to a different TLD? :)

    What will it look like if something goes wrong with your subdomain, and the redirect returns a 404?

    You can customize and select beautiful 404 themes and provide additional information like contact email.

    A customer likely would want to match their existing site theme.

    Later you can login to my website and access your 404 analytics.

    404 stats are already part of every analytics solution. I'm not sure the value of separate analytics just for those.

    I could be wrong. There have been some recent IH posts about idea validation by searching for people who ask for the solution you're thinking to build.

    Are there many people asking for a 404 redirect solution?

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      I have a bigger product coming which is related to website crashes, website down..etc. so this error page product is going to help me to bring attention to my main product. That's my idea.

      Lets say you won't redirect to another domain, but my product will give you a custom 404 image or a html/div/css which you will include into your 404 page.

      With the above changes would you be interested to use my custom 404 services?

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    Perhaps a better idea would be to sell 404 illustrations that people can drop into their own page. This sounds like a lot of extra hassle to set up.

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    I would pivot this idea to be like 404 page generator with a lot of examples and easy to build cool 404 page features. Once you're done - extract the page, and include it in your product.

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      For the examples part, I've curated 27 great SaaS 404 pages ;)

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        SaasFrame looks good. Its a good add on for you, making the 404 pages generator and allow users to download the html/css or image and charge for that.

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    I don't think I would pay for this. As others have said, it doesn't require much effort to code up a decent 404 page. And I wouldn't want my visitors to get redirected to a sub domain. And what if your service ever goes down? Not worth the potential benefit to getting a particularly nice looking 404...

    Btw, I still wanted to check out your site, but it seems to be down?

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      Thanks for taking time to reply. No that domain is a madeup name for this discussion alone :)

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    This sounds like a lot of complexity and potential user-confusion for..... 404 pages.

    Sorry but I don't see this as being viable.

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    Hmm to be honest, the amount of work to implement this would most likely surpass the amount of work required to properly implement 404 pages... Just sayin'

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    kill it, kill fast. bury it deep, and don't put a marker.

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    its worth trying.