Customer-Facing Analytics Closed Beta

I love analytics.

They can be especially powerful and engaging when showing users their own behavior and results from using your product.

I built a solution for tracking & displaying customer data directly to your users. I have a handful of private beta companies using Plaudy right now, but I'm looking to have a few more IHers try it out!

If you're interested in implementing customer-facing analytics without much effort, just fill in your email and I'll reach out shortly: plaudy.com

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    JFYI, you logo looks wrong on my computer. I don't know how to upload screenshots here, so I'll describe. Seems like you are using SVG text instead of polygons, so your logo will look different on devices with different sets of fonts. I strongly advice you to convert your logo to SVG polygons so it will look exactly the same everywhere. Good luck!

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      Fixed, thank you so much for mentioning that!

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    I think your site might be down - won't load for me.

    Also I don't quite understand your pitch - you are going to track users and then show those users the analytics data? how is that useful?

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      Hi! Site looks up to me. Wondering what could be causing that for you, I’ll check it out!

      So, it’s an internal b2b tool to track analytic events. But with a focus on displaying those analytics to your users.

      As in, if your product is a note-taking app, you would show in the dashboard how many characters they’ve typed, notes they’ve taken, etc. Or if it’s a widget, you could track usage like clicks, views, etc. The user is interested in how their widget performs.

      Does that make more sense? Sounds like I need to work on my messaging 😅

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        Yep that makes sense! Yea the site does not even resolve for me. Looks like a DNS issue.

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          Hey @viperfx! I’m trying to figure out the DNS issues here. We’re you trying to hit www.plaudy.com? I just set up a redirect that should be up soon.

          But if it was without www, then I don’t know what the issue is. Haha it’s driving me nuts! If it still doesn’t end up working I’d love to hear more about where you are and any other details at [email protected] :) Thank you so much for the feedback!

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              A quick question for anyone with DNS/redirect issues... Does this load for you: https://plaudy.webflow.io/

              1. 2

                Yep, that works fine!

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    This comment was deleted 6 days ago.

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      Aha, and hotjar, and plausible too :))))

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        Hey guys! It’s actually a different animal, but I don’t think I’m explaining super well. It’s for internally tracking product events that the customer cares about and displaying them in their dashboard.

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          Okay, then Heap? How is your product differentiate from it?

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            That’s closer! Heap focuses on auto-tracking events and internal reporting and analysis (among other things).

            Keen.io is my closest competitor in that they actually have a good way to use their API for displaying analytics to the end customer. Their issues come from focusing on large enterprises primarily and trying be too many things for too many people. They’re even starting to specialize in usage tracking for SaaS after being acquired by Chargify.

            Plaudy’s focus is easy plug-n-play to track, then display the numbers to an end user specifically in web and mobile apps.

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              Is it possible to track some events from my backend? It's written in Python.

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                You definitely can! There's no Python SDK / pip package/ etc yet.

                However, you'd be able to use the REST API just with HTTP endpoints, if that would work for you.

                It's honestly super easy and can handle a ton of different things. I'd be happy to even chat with you and help you figure out your best usage for your backend. :)

                Let me know what you think!

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                  Thanks! If I'm ready for it, I'll let you know.

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