May 28, 2019

Customer service on What's App & Recommended CRMs


Hi Guys,

My baby Macondo Club is officially growing from baby MVP into messy adolescence.

One really interesting trend we noticed is that when we email users directly regarding their order barely anyone replies and some emails go missing. But when we messaged them directly on What's App they replied within minutes - and loved having someone care and follow up.

Are there any platforms where I can centralise these contacts through What's App? I am concerned messaging increasingly larger numbers of people from my phone is not scalable and can get messy.

Also, what CRMs are people using and would recommend? I'm currently using Airtable to keep track of orders but looking for something more robust to keep track of communications.


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    I have the solution for you :-) . Please check out . You would be able to add WhatsApp as a channel to provide customer service.

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    If you have the know how you could build an integration

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    You can use WhatsApp web to send messages from desktop. e.g. once the order status is changed, a link can be created in the adjacent cell with the whatsapp api url link with pre-filled text.
    Though the link clicking is still manual, the entire typing work would be eliminated. Worth a thought considering you are using airtable.

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    Are you using a CMS or something?

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      Our website consists of an Airtable form on our website and we everything else manually on the Airtable spreadsheets. So at the moment we just have different cells where we change the status of the order and another one for a summary of communications. However, I've been messaging directly from my personal what's app.