May 10, 2019

CX Goldmine: The Intuitive Customer Podcast

Chris @blunicorn

Does anyone have any good recommendations for reading/listening about customer experience? I've been listening to this podcast for a while now and genuinely think it's one of the most important podcasts a business owner could listen to if they want to nail customer experience:

Having worked in UX for the best part of a decade, including for some companies that offered dedicated tools for CX, I'm still amazed by some of the insights and expertise I hear...take a listen :)


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    I quite enjoy the Content Strategy Podcast ( and the Content Design Podcast.

    They're both a bit more focused on UX and content but there are some good insights about customer experience. Have you listened to them?

    Thanks for your suggestions too - I've been wanting to add new podcasts to my playlist.

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      I hadn't heard of it, thanks for the recommendation! I'll find time to listen to one this week during my commute :)