March 22, 2019

Dark 🌙 or light ☀️?

Andrei Josan @josan

Heya guys!
I've recently rebuilt my portfolio website with Jekyll and had some fun with a light/dark theme switch option. (I see it's very cool nowadays and opinions are mixed, generally).

Which do you guys prefer?
Thanks and have a great Friday!

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    Dark looks better.

    Also, I would recommend changing the photograph in the dark theme.

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      Yup, I was thinking about that too, will do. Thanks a lot!

  2. 1

    Dark too, mostly because I have everything Dark and it really burns my eyes to see a pure white page 😝Anyway well done, a really cool design!

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      Thanks for the feedback!

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    Nice looking!

    Dark one seems nicer to me! :)

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      Thanks for taking the time to leave a reply, Ivan! Cheers!

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    This comment was deleted 7 months ago.

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      You are absolutely right! I got that fixed, thanks a lot for the input!