No-Code February 18, 2020

Data Analysis Tool?

Shantanu Srivastava @ishantanusrivastava


Anyone knows about any no-code app which analyzes data by uploading CSV format files.

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    parabola? it does allow to upload through CSV and transform with Sentiment Analysis using Google API

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    Apart from other comments, just to name a few:

    Google Data Studio, Piktochart

    Hope it helps @ishantanusrivastava

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    Tableau, PowerBI, or ZOHO lets you upload CSV and generates dashboards for you. Some fine-tuning and you can do pretty granular analysis with a few clicks and a firm understanding of your data.

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      Ok thanks..i'll check

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    So are you looking to analyze big data that also needs a working relational database? If you are working with smaller data that doesn't need much attention to structuring, I would recommend using Vizydrop, which I found in the quest of searching for what I think you are looking for.

    It can take JSON, CSV, Excel (I believe), can visualize them in multiple ways, and I particularly love its UI, so easy to use and yet powerful.

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    If that sounds mocking, please know I don't intend it that way. That's seriously the MO for Excel.

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      Can you describe more what are you trying to say I didn't understand

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        I think @blakerson means to use Excel's pivot table and pivot chart features. Here's a decent tutorial on youtube - Google Sheets also has equivalent features but is free. All drag & drop stuff, no code / formulas / VBA needed. Excel is an oldie no-code tool but a goodie.

        If your CSV is pretty small (less than 100K rows) than this is going to be your best option.

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    What type of data analysis are you looking to do? Visual dashboards, tabular data views, etc?

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      Visual dashboard i think

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        If that's the case, I think Excel/Google Sheets or Google Data Studio might be your best bet. If you build your dashboard template for automation, every time you upload a new dataset, the dashboard should update.

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