Digital Nomads August 8, 2020

Database for remote work and good coffee

Elliot Boucher @Elliot-Boucher

Hello my dear digital nomad and remote workers :D

I'm a big fan of coffee and working remotely.
However, it's not always easy to find good places to get a nice coffee and work.

I couldn't find a website that gives me a lot of data about the coffee I plan to go to (sockets ? noise ? what about the wifi speed ?).

Thus, I'm currently building a small mvp.

Anyone would like to add his best coffee to my database (yet to come :p) ? Or give me more criterias ideas ?

Shoot me a mp or drop a comment and I'll get in touch with you as soon as I have something to show you :D

PS: Here are the criterias that I plan on collecting (any more idea ?):

  • Wifi speed
  • Sockets
  • Food
  • Coffee (ok, that on was easy :p)
  • Price
  • Noise
  • Opening hours
  • Terrace (I love to work outside)
  • Sofa/couch
  • Good for Instagram (This one isn't for me)
  • Visitors (crowded or not)
  • Reviews (google at first)
  • adress and contact of the place + pictures

PS 2: <3

Would you use remote latte ?
  1. Yep ! :D
  2. Maybe :/
  3. Nope :(
  4. Stop building stupid things please :o
  1. 12

    First off, people lie in polls.

    Spoke with one maker yesterday who got 100 people who signed up, joined a Discord for a hypothetical future thing (A $5 cost) and when it came time to pay, he got no sales.

    Ask questions that are based in the past not the future, i.e

    "Do you struggle to find places to work"

    Yes / No

    This gives you a much better picture of the need and although it won't validate the idea as fully as other methods, least you can ask better questions.

    1. 1

      Hey @Breffni ! Thank you for the feedback, I'll try that next time :)

  2. 3

    There's a lot of websites that do this and a lot of people that have this idea. That being said, welcome. I need more of those sites lol, esp. when I'm abroad, the more data points the better. If I'm in a train station, high quality, easy, and efficient optionality for where I'm going to go and what I'm going to do is scarce in those moments.

    1. 2

      ahah, thank you for your feedback ! Hopefully I can occupy some of your time in a train station :p

      1. 1

        Hit me up on Twitter if u need a user interview 😎

  3. 2

    Have you heard of workfrom? They seem to be doing something similar, though I don't see anything about the quality of the coffee. Not to say you shouldn't do this, just wanted to inform you of what's out there!

    1. 1

      Wow that looks good ! Sad it doesn't have any seo, this is exactly what I was thinking about... let's do even better ^^
      Thanks !

  4. 2

    Something I've thought of creating myself! (though not nearly as thought out as yours). My suggestion was going to be comfy counchs because I always wish I would be able to tell that before I go to a coffee shop - but you've already got that! I would definitely use this 😍

    1. 2

      Thanks ! Your feedback is really helpful!

  5. 1

    Yelp has better quality reviews than Google. Good luck monetizing this

    1. 1

      I'll check if I can get data from Yelp, thanks !

  6. 1

    There's an open-source project which has similar aims:

    It seems not to have been updated for 15 months, and the hosted version seems to be down, but you can still download it and run it locally if you wanted to check it out.

    I used it and contributed data in the past, but I wouldn't have a use for it right now, due to social distancing.

    1. 1

      wow that's gold ! Thanks !

  7. 1

    I created a while ago for some Dutch places. Although I didn’t put very detailed information on it.

    Feel free to reach out to me if you want the data, since I’m not working on it anymore.

    1. 1

      Generous offer! Sending you a pm right now :p

  8. 1

    Have you seen this ? There was also another app but I can't remember its name. Something like "coffice" or so..

  9. 1

    I actually used this app a few years ago:

    But for some reason it's not available in the German app store anymore

    1. 1

      oh sweet, let's find out if I can get in touch with the founder :p Thanks !

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