Database of apps - which app stores are you most interested in?

I'm new here. I've made two micro-acquisitions and am building another on the side. I'll share details of that shortly.

In the meantime, would anyone be interested in getting access to a database that contains apps on stores such as Shopify, Slack etc? It would include names, urls, ratings etc. The idea is that it would help with opportunity sourcing.

If so which app stores would you most be interested in? Vote below.

What app store would you be most interested in?
  1. Shopify
  2. Salesforce
  3. Slack
  4. Atlassian
  5. Xero
  6. Chrome
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    Hi Shameel! I think this would be a valuable dataset, especially with apps and extensions across as many platforms as possible. I think the killer features (above and beyond that data on individual platforms) will be the ability to cross-pollinate ideas and identify gaps from platform to platform.

    That said, from the list I'd vote for Chrome and Shopify as they are most accessible to Indie Hackers :) Are there any other similar platforms (Play, App Store, etc)?

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    hi - What is the benefit of such database?
    An app for Slack might struggle to find it's place in Shopify and vice versa?

    I'm asking because I like to look beyond my horizon :)

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      I don't see it so much as hunting for apps that already run across multiple stores. It's more about being able to quickly search/query across multiple stores at once. So:

      1. Having one place to find all apps across multiple stores. I search across more than one store so I personally find that useful as it saves a bit of time.

      2. Being able to run searches across multiple stores i.e. Reporting tools, <= 10 ratings left, 4.5*+ average rating , last review left date. > 6 months....and get results for Shopify, Chrome, Salesforce etc etc

      3. Just having a really big data set I can play with

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        Ah, OK - I see. You want a tool that makes it easy to find candidates for an acquisition. E.g. you want to see across all stores apps that have 4,5 stars but no update since a year.

        Hm, it is an interesting journey, when you have e.g. $10.000 available that you want to invest in an SaaS/app but you don't know where to start. Such database would be a potential solution to this problem.

        You should build a twitter audience around that topic ;) Good Luck!

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    Hi @Shameelk1! Welcome to the club!

    I'm maintaining and selling a database of Shopify apps. I'm getting only 1-2 sales per month, but I'm almost not promoting the product at all (except for now 😆). Anyway, I can confirm that such a dataset is useful when considering an app acquisition.

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      @LukaszWiktor Just sent you dm in twitter about the dataset. Can you kindly reply?

      1. 1

        Just replied on Twitter.

    2. 1

      Super interesting. I'll shoot you a dm!

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