Day 1: 30 Days of Growth

Today is Day one of a new and experimental 30 Days of Growth challenge. I hope you will consider joining in!

Things we could do today:

🤔 Decide how and where you are going to track your progress - e.g. a document (Notion, Google Docs, etc), your website, Indie Hacker product updates

📸 Take a snapshot of your product - traffic, customers, subscribers, etc

📈 Decide what you will do today to help you with growth, and share it in the comments

🏅 Write down and share any goals you have set yourself

🙏 Help a fellow Indie Hacker in the comments below

I'm tagging in the people who commented on the original post so that you can't claim you forgot :D


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    Awesome Rosie!

    You can follow along with my updates here:



    Day #01:

    ✅ What I did yesterday:
    Nothing, first day of challenge.

    🏆 Yesterday’s results:
    None, first day of challenge.

    👷‍♀️ What I’m doing today:
    Creating and sharing a landing page where people can subscribe to follow along on my livestream challenge… as I attempt to find paying customers for a side project in 60min/day.

    Doing this partly to help founders struggling to do this themselves, and partly to ‘dogfood’ the material in my S4F course (so that I know I’m covering everything founders need to know about early stage sales).

    1. 2

      If you tweet, I will re-tweet. I can also share the landing page on LinkedIn.

      1. 1

        Thanks, will share with you when I tweet it! 🙏

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    Amazing challenge Rosie. I will participate by growing plausible.io

    I'm going to track progress in terms of trial signups. Last month there were 28 people who signed up to the trial. My goal for July is to get 40 new trial signups. I'll track the progress with IH product updates.

    Today I'm going to continue a conversation with a customer who wants to help me by including a Plausible badge on their website. He is keen to spread the word but I need to help him help me.

    Thanks to everyone for doing this challenge and inspiring me to take part. It's exactly why I participate in this community.

    1. 1

      Ah, Plausible is like SimpleAnalytics which is what I started using recently. Nice price range too. Hmm.

      1. 2

        It looks more like Fathom Analytics...

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    Awesome! Thanks @rosiesherry!

    Joining with https://growthgame.app — the game for founders to launch and grow their products faster. Idea is very similar to this thread, so I'm super interested in participating and learning more.

    Goal: have 100 weekly active players by the end of the month.
    Now: 0 active players (not launched yet), about 30 people who signed up to receive invite once launched.

    Finalizing few last pieces and aim to start sending invites tomorrow. Plan to finish onboarding early list by the end of the week.

    1. 1

      Looking forward playing the game! Subscribed via email. The countdown has finished btw, but I can't play yet ;)

      1. 1

        yeap, I was overly optimistic, and early user testing proved me wrong :)) Sorry about that, I still aim to send invites this week.

        1. 1

          No problem, we've all been there.

    2. 1

      This looks a little bit like Pioneer!

      I'd love to hear about your gamification plans.

      1. 1

        Except I don't want to select a few winners, but just build an engine for people to grow, get feedback and help.

    3. 1

      I like the look of this, @sergey_shvets. Look forward to following along :)

    4. 1

      Finally some play time for us too! :)

    5. 1

      Looking forward to hearing about it.

    6. 1

      Nice idea. Is it going to be free or paid?

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    Ok, this timing is a little too perfect. I'm in!

    I'll be tracking progress here: http://www.coryzue.com/writing/indie-hackers-30-days-of-growth/


    ✓ What I Did Yesterday

    • Nothing, first day of challenge.

    💪 What I Plan to do Today

    • (Already done) write June Retrospective
    • (Just did) Join “30 Days of growth” challenge—so meta!
    • Start working on a roadmap of ideas of try this month

    Thanks @louisswiss for the format inspiration and @rosiesherry for organizing this!

    1. 1

      Hi Cory,

      I recently thought of doing something very similar to saaspegasus, my only diff is NodeJS (Firebase) based instead of Python Django. Its a good start.

      Good luck with SaasPegasus.

      1. 1

        Cheers, thanks Kishore! I think there is probably value in creating these tools for every possible development toolchain. Good luck with the node version and let me know if you'd ever like to compare notes!

        1. 1

          Sure, once I start working on it will surely exchange notes. Backend API and Mobile App can share alot of features between the two products.

    2. 1

      For me, too! It's a funny thing, timing... :)

  5. 4

    I've only just come across this, I might well jump in.

    1st day for me has been setting up a new blog, & uploaded 2 posts, on my new Freelancer blog.

    I've built it using @sutherland's Proseful, & with @jonathanbull's EmailOctopus, thanks @rosiesherry for both recommendations.

    Also, if anyone here is interested in being matched with a fellow group of indies/business owners, you can find out more about a (free) matching service I'm trialling, after successfully creating 4 new mastermind group says in my freelance Slack community, over here -> https://honestfreelancer.proseful.com/what-is-a-mastermind-group

    Over the next 30days, my focus is to create content (blog/podcast) & distribute it (LinkedIn/Twitter) for my 2 businesses, Honest Content & Honest Freelancer. This could be fun :)

    Edit: Hmm, thinking about it, I may just focus on my new Honest Freelancers blog (coincidentally, created yesterday/today) for this 30-day challenge.

    Current stats:
    0 list subscribers
    0 mastermind group subscribers

    10 in each list, or otherwise 20 combined

    1. 3

      Nice! I'd definitely have picked EmailOctopus myself if I weren't already using SES for transactional emails.

      Do you have a process-based goal? E.g. a goal that you have 100% under your control to meet, like "write 2 blog posts and record one podcast each week"?

      1. 1

        It's early days, but I'm enjoying the simplicity.

        @rosiesherry recommended some great tools -> https://rosie.land/blogging

        And great Q, thanks for asking, yesterday's post was v late in the evening!

        In fact - my goal is exactly that that, 2 articles & 1 podcast episode. (And, promote on Twitter & LinkedIn for the 2 respective audiences of my 2 businesses, Honest Academy & Honest Content).

    2. 1

      Hey Jas, just wanted to say thanks for the shout out. Hope you're enjoying EmailOctopus :)

      1. 1

        No worries, @jonathanbull :) Early days, but i'm liking the interface & simplicity. I'll keep you posted.

  6. 3

    Hey Rosie! Great idea. Thanks for doing this.

    I'm going to join in with my project - Quanta Money. It is a personal finance app that helps people live profitably and build financial freedom. The landing page is here: https://quantamoney.app (launched over the past week or so).

    I'm logging progress here: https://pdblog.quantamoney.app/30-days-of-growth-challenge

    DAY 1 - Today!

    ✅ DONE
    • Found this challenge and decided to do it!
    • Launched the Quanta blog and published six posts.
    • Configured the Quanta Twitter account and posted six Tweets.

    👷🏻‍♂️ DOING
    • This post!
    • Deciding what next....

    • None yet :)

  7. 3

    Well, well. So here I am. So excited to be part of this challenge and learn with and from all of you. Thanks, @rosiesherry!

    I'll participate with my software engineering blog michaelagreiler.com. My main goal is to increase the monthly visitors from an estimated 6K to 8K. In addition, I want to increase the number of E-Mail subscribers from 478 to 600 and my Twitter followers from 875 to 975.

    As a second project, I want to give my personal indie hacker blog some love: hustleup.io. This poor thing lives a life in the shadows with 100-200 visitors per month. I'd like to hit 1K during this challenge. Also, I'd like to increase my newsletter subscribers from 15 to 50.

    I'll document my progress here: https://www.hustleup.io/30-days-of-growth-challenge/

    Day #01:

    👷‍♀️ What I did today:

    SE Blog: Published a blog post and promoted it on FB, FB Group and Twitter.

    HustleUP Blog: Started the 30 days of growth challenges on this blog and mentioned it on Indie Hackers Website

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    I have a feeling this month is going to be a rough one at my full time job so I it'll be tough to commit to a full 30 days of growth BUT since I'm starting at almost ZERO, I'd like to focus this month on writing up content and aiming for 100 users by August.

  9. 3

    I've chosen to work on two projects, I'll be logging my progress here - https://rosie.land/30-days-of-growth

    Brighton Indie Hackers Meetup Group

    • Grow Meetup Membership to 150 registered Meetup.com members
    • Get my first 100 email subscribers


    • Currently there are 47 members.
    • I have a website with no analytics.
    • We've hosted one dinner with 10 people
    • We have another dinner happening in mid July
    • I plan to host a casual coffee meetup this month too

    Day 1


    • Increase website visitors to 4k visitors in July
    • Get my first 100 email subscribers


    • I started Rosie.Land in mid June - it got 1.1k views in the first couple of weeks
    • I have 15 email subscribers today

    Day 1:

  10. 2

    I'm few days late to the game but I'm jumping in head first.
    Just when I thought I need to step my game up with marketing, sales and promotion I discover this challenge, just awesome.

    I'm running http://LifeHQapp.com and my target is to grow the number of trial and paying users. But also I like to focus on upping my Twitter game.

    Current metrics:

    Total signups: 221
    Paying users: 3
    Email list: 329
    Twitter followers: 79

    Every day I plan to do one or more of the following actions:

    Post on Twitter
    Write on my blog
    Participate on Reddit, IH, PH or HackerNews.
    Send direct messages to potential customers.
    Answer on Quora

    1. 2

      hey @KolevDarko, LifeHQ looks great. I also like the simplicity-yet-effectiveness of your actions - posting on your blog, & posting/sharing to those channels you have identified.

      This is pretty much my 'strategy' - producing useful content (blog/podcast), sharing it on social channels (LinkedIn and Twitter), whilst engaging usefully in various Slack/FB/Twitter channels.

      Reddit & Quora could be other useful places for me, too.

      Hope you have a great challenge.

      1. 2

        Best of luck to you too

  11. 2

    Participating with simtrotter.io ! Simtrotter.io offers comprehensive information to tourists looking for a prepaid sim card before they travel. My product wants to help people decide what prepaid sim card they should get and how.

    🤔 Decide how and where you are going to track your progress :
    simtrotter.io is a content website, and will rely on SEO. I am targeting users that look for "prepaid data sim in France" or "Tourist sim card in Turkey".

    My main objectives are to :

    1. Attract traffic
    2. Retain traffic

    📸My datastudio dashboard to track progress:

    🏅 Write down and share any goals you have set yourself
    My goal for this 30 days is to get 100 daily visitors. I won't start working on my second objective until simtrotter.io has reached that goal.

    📈 Decide what you will do today to help you with growth, and share it in the comments
    Build a tracking dashboard.

    Checkout https://simtrotter.io

    1. 1

      @Vayo & @akshay579, you 2 might wish to check out one another's projects on this thread :)

  12. 2

    This looks fun! I'll join in.

    I'm working on multiplayer for https://danger.world

    I'm hoping that people will invite their friends to play alongside of them.

    Here's what I've got left to do to have this shipped within the month:

    • Friends list
    • Start adventures with your friend(s)
    • Notifications for when it's your turn
    • Fine-grained control over those notifications because no one likes to be spammed with notifications
    1. 2

      @Taormina, Danger World looks awesome!!

  13. 2

    I will be joining with http://mymap.xyz - a simple and free web app to help keep track of places you have visited, or want to visit.

    Goal - My goal is to have atleast 150 user accounts by the end of this month.

    Snapshot - I completed the site a few days ago and currently have about 15 user accounts.

    Day 1 - Worked on some the feedback which I received from some users.

    1. 1

      You have an issue with your security certificate, it stops me from viewing the site.

      1. 1

        Oh...thanks for catching that. Can you try now?

  14. 2

    Okay! I'll do this as well. Alchemist Camp has just passed its 1-year mark of its paid offering.

    Good: over 80% of the people who joined that first month are still subscribers! Estimated retention rates overall are over a year.
    Bad: the business is still tiny. It pays my rent but still not my living costs, even in my relatively inexpensive locale. Top line growth is very meh.


    • 1,880 YouTube subscribers
    • 5,384 unique visitors to the site last month
    • 1,282 email subscribers
    • 420 twitter followers
    • < 100 paying subscribers

    For this challenge I'll focus exclusively on increasing site traffic since that will definitely lead to more YT subs, more emails and more paid subscribers.

    Last week, I transcribed all my podcasts. I'm going to add them as a product on IH and start adding a page for each to my site (with transcriptions and audio links).

    I'm also going to start writing short tutorials on my site. I still have to keep making screencasts since that's what people pay me for, but written content is way better for SEO and way easier to people new to Alchemist Camp to dip their toes into than 40 minute YouTube videos!

    Put one substantial piece on Alchemist.Camp every day. This can be a podcast, a tutorial or a screencast with a 500+ word summary.

    1. 2

      I love the name :) I'm interested to see that's your have similar YT & Blog subscriber numbers - do you produce content equally for each?

      Also, nice work with the podcast & screencasting notes... that should help with your SEO/backlinks & make your blog more findable/searchable on search engines, too.

      1. 2

        I don't have a blog, per say. The meat of the site is at https://alchemist.camp/episodes, where I've embedded the screencasts and written a (sometimes very short) description.

        The YT channel started before the site and has always had more subscribers, but the growth rate of subscribers on the site is higher. That's because the site has organizational features and things not available on the channel. When people create an account and click "agree", they're added to a Mailchimp list for newsletters. Unsubscribing from that has no impact on their account or an ability to get transactional emails (like password resets).

        1. 1

          Cool, thanks @alchemist, I'll take a look.

          Hope this challenge goes well for ya 💪🏽

          1. 2

            PS. You might enjoy IH podcast #098 w/ @adamwathan

            1. 2

              It was one of my favorites!

  15. 2

    👋🏾Morning folks! Checking in to say hi. I'll post my game plan later after I define/set Envoy July goals and projects.

    Good luck everyone! You got this. 💪🏾

    ---- I'm back ----
    day 1 of #30daysofgrowth


    • doc @ - a mix
      1. Public: IndieHacker / Makerlog
      2. Private: Asana/HubSpot
      3. Private: Newsletter Recap my aha & wtf sales moments
    • snapshot - June
      • traffic - 22
      • subscribers - 0
      • responses - 22
      • meetings - 6
    • metric - # of outreach activity per day required to get 1 qualified chat
    • goal - $1600


    1. Define July goals, kpis, projects, & tasks.
    2. Follow up w/ leads
    3. Reschedule follow-up call.

    WIP Envoy

    1. 1

      Hey @helengriffinjr! 👋🏽 thanks, and sending that positive energy right back 'atcha

      1. 2

        np @jas_hothi and thank ya! Can't wait to see what you'll achieve in July!

        1. 2

          Ah thanks @helengriffinjr - and likewise!! 🙌🏽

          1. 2

            PS. I was in Cleveland a few yrs back, my mum has a friend there :)

            1. 2

              Cool! Where are you hailing from now?

              1. 2

                England, a suburb just outside of London :)

                1. 1

                  Ok, now I'm jealous. Good day, sir. 👋🏾

  16. 2

    Ok I'm into this.

    🤔 Decide how and where you are going to track your progress

    I'm going super scrappy -- I'm gonna track growth right here in the comments of each daily post.

    🏅 Write down and share any goals you have set yourself

    My goal for this 30 days is to double the community around @formspree. That includes newsletter subscribers, twitter followers, and as a bonus, my own twitter followers. :D

    This seems like it's gonna be hard because I've never really tried to "build community", and doubling seems like a lot... but since I'm clueless I also won't be too disappointed if I fail.

    Also something about this goal feels kinda unsavory. Maybe I mean "double the love I'm sending out into the world."

    📸 Take a snapshot of your product - traffic, customers, subscribers, etc

    Formspree mailing list: 834 subscribers (54 new last month)
    @formspree on Twitter: 475 followers
    @colevscode on Twitter: 586 followers

    📈 Decide what you will do today to help you with growth, and share it in the comments

    No idea. I think I'm gonna spend a day getting a clue. Promise tomorrow's goal will include a full roadmap and KPIs and stuff.

  17. 1

    Alrighty, this is late, I know. Somehow I had the busiest few days and now it's almost the end of the 4th!

    Day 1 though involved sending the new site for https://autopilot.host to two people who fit in the target market and whom I have worked with before for their feedback. One provided somewhat useful info. One hasn't responded.

    I also shared it on LinkedIn for feedback and also raising some awareness amongst my circle there.

    There hasn't been a stack of feedback yet, and no enquiries which isn't surprising really.

    The goal is to get 10 sites up this month on the platform. So my next steps are to get some relevant blog content happening and at the same time, work out a promotional plan to coincide with the blog content.

  18. 1

    Will you be doing this again in August? I didn't join this one in time.

    1. 1

      Haven't decided yet, I will if people want it.

      You can just join in from day 4 too.

  19. 1

    A day late, but here I am.

    Goal for this month:

    • MVP

    Current snapshot:

    For the past few weeks I've documented all of this in Notion

    I'm still super shy about this kind of exposure and have a strong "but they're going to steal my idea" paranoia, although I know that's not going to happen. So I'm using this challenge to conquer that fear and develop in public.

    About Vozli

    Literature Nobel Prize Gabriel García Márquez once wrote:

    "La vida no es lo que uno vivió, sino la que recuerda y cómo la recuerda para contarla"

    That roughly translates to:

    "Life is not what you lived, but what you remember have lived and how do your remember to tell it"

    This is my attempt to create a product that help people to preserve their most loved memories, keep them private, and share them (if they want to) with those dearest to them. Furthermore, these memories should last their whole life and go beyond the lifetime of the product itself.

    I know is ambitious, but there's no rush, we'll get there. For starters it would look a lot like a mashup of existing products: social networks, blogs, digital notebooks/albums. With time it will shape into its own thing.

  20. 1

    Thanks for organizing this Rosie!

    I'm starting a new project from scratch and I want to validate my hypothesis for the need/pain-point I'm looking to solve with a SaaS.
    📈So, for a metric, I've chosen to track the number of outreach conversations I have with potential customers and how many of those would be willing to pay for my service. Also, I want create and grow an audience for this new service.

    🏆By the end of the challenge, my goal is to have completed:
    ☑ 10 discovery calls
    ☑ A landing page with option to subscribe for updates
    ☑ Grow subscription base to 50 subscribers

    ❗I'll be posting progress here in the comments

    📸 Currently, I'm at zero outreach conversations, no landing page and no subscribers.

    Today I did:
    ✅ Decided on my goals and metrics 😬
    ✅ Initial list of prospects to reach out to

  21. 1

    I'll join next month with @Mubs !

  22. 1
    1. Need to create a webpage, a simple Paypal cart so people can start buying.
    2. Need to pack a few kits so that when people order, I can ship them immediately.
  23. 1

    Thanks for the reminder, Rosie!

    I'm participating to improve the growth of PanelJam


    • Increase registered Jammers to 3200
    • Increase total social network to 9000


    • There are currently 2900 registered Jammers
    • PanelJam's overall social network is currently 8000
    • PanelJam's forum just launched this weekend
    • I haven't properly configured analytics/goals for landing conversion optimization

    What I'm doing today:

  24. 1

    Status: Currently at 295 page likes.
    Goal: Have 300 page likes at the end of the day. Baby steps LOL

    Things to do:

    • Create a video clip
    • Post the video and share it to related Facebook groups.
    • Invite people who like the video to like the page.
  25. 1

    @jesterhoax - Brad, I wonder if you're interested in taking part in this with your 4x weekly content stuff? :)

  26. 1

    ✅ Goal:

    1 paying customer.
    10 mailing list subscribers

    📸 Snapshot

    0 paying customers
    5 mailing list subscribers

    #Day 1

    Preparing to launch my slack app on the Slack App Directory.

  27. 1

    Goal for the month: 10 paying users.
    Current: 0.

    Day 1: https://helpjoy.io has attracted a few hundred visits, and some folks have gone to the registration page, but not signed up. I've redesigned the signup page to hopefully increase desire and reduce the labour required.

    Goal for tomorrow: Email outreach 20 businesses who could benefit from a knowledge base helpdesk.

  28. 1

    ✅ Goal:

    Get my first 100 email subscribers
    Get my first 10 paying customers
    Get 150 followers on Twitter
    Launch 4 Products on #12SideProjectsIn3Months

    📸 Snapshot
    0 Email subscribers
    0 Paying customers
    57 Followers on Twitter

    #Day 1

    Make some adjustments on the landing page and dashboard design
    Fix some bugs on the dashboard

  29. 1

    Great initiative @rosiesherry
    Am tempted to jump into this. Will do it with a pet project I had almost shelved. https://powai.xyz/ No harm trying.
    Tracking the progress in the comments.
    Day 1 / 30 #30daysofgrowth for www.powai.xyz
    🏅 Goal - Get 100 email subscribers
    📸 Current - 20
    📈 Tasks today - Created a free giveaway. Created artwork for stickers. Spreading the word in my circle.
    📈 Tasks tomorrow - Get the artwork printed as stickers. Facebook ads may be.

  30. 1


    Current Snapshot

    • Blog: 0 subscribers
    • Twitter: 11 followers

    Doing Today

    • Filling up my Twitter Buffer queue for 7/2 & 7/3
    • Keyword research for blog post ideas
    • Participate in 5 unique interactions* on Twitter

    *Will be defining interactions as me commenting or replying to tweets. Will need to make sure both comments or replies are thoughtful and high-quality.

  31. 1

    Starting my research into what to do next. I wrote about my failure to start something in the field of non profit think tanks.


  32. 1

    🙌 (I'm participating with my main project, Buttondown.)

    On the to-do list for today is mostly start-of-month stuff that I always do, plus a couple extra bits. (I'll edit this post as stricken through as I do them.)

    1. Update my site's Running Costs
    2. Write my weekly update.
    3. Draft a monthly update email, mostly cribbed from recent podcasts.
    4. Reach out to two blogs / Q&A site / outfits to suggest Buttondown as a thing.
    5. Draft and publish a blog post on embedding your Buttondown form in HTML and allowing folks to opt into certain tags. (I'm really bullish on this genre, which hopefully will serve both as product marketing and documentation.)
  33. 1

    Day 1:
    Shared my first #nocode app and tutorial on Twitter.
    329 users

  34. 1

    Good luck everyone. Unfortunately I'll be on vacation during this month, but count me in for the next one!

  35. 1

    Joining with our Fitness app Jumpy Cat for Android (freemium).
    Currently about 100 installs with 0-2 installs/day, want to get it to 5+ installs average per day over July. Monetisation is a bonus.
    Day 1:

    • join this challenge,
    • brainstorm and make a list of communities that might be interested in the app (on Facebook etc.),
    • write up a short intro - perhaps a few tailored versions
    • share app to at least 10 different places online
  36. 1

    🎯 Overall Goal: To generate a paying customer for CloudSPRT.
    Day #01:

    ✅ What I did yesterday:

    Researching dashboards to be able to track metrics and present this in a nice screenshot (On IndieHackers)

    🏆 Yesterday’s results:

    Found Everview (https://everview.app) from @kylegawley which looks promising.

    👷‍♀️ What I’m doing today:

    I am setting up my metrics to be able to share these daily.

    Thanks @louisswiss for this template design on replies.


  37. 1


    I'm going to track my progress using IH updates.

    • Current snapshot: That's easy! 0 for everything. Launching this week.
    • Today I helped growth by ticking off a bunch of items in the pre-release check box.
    • Goals: 10 paying customers by end of the month.
  38. 1

    This comment was deleted 2 years ago.

  39. 1

    This comment was deleted 2 years ago.

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