Day Five Without Twitter

Well, I forgot to post about my Twitter removal experiment yesterday. So that’s a great sign. It means I wasn’t thinking about it enough to post.

This might be my last post on the experiment unless I suddenly find myself using the app again. What I’ve learned is that I miss the content (not the tweets and commentary) shared on the platform. I also miss the distribution channel. However, both of those problems seem solvable.

For fetching links to content there is the awesome service Filter Rss. If that had a feed reader UI and the ability to send Tweets without going to the Twitter app, it might be a great solution.

I’m about to start a new project so I’ll definitely be posting updates about it on Twitter, but I won’t be using the app. I’m hoping that I can get similar interest generated by posting updates on my new project here.

If there’s one great thing, this experiment has made me more active in the IH community.

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    Maybe I’m lucky, or cursed but I never got into Twitter. I’ve tried, I’ve really tried but I’ve never seen the point.

    How do people come up with ideas for multiple tweets a day?
    How do you express your thoughts with just 140 characters?
    Why is it interesting to read others random pointless thoughts?

    So it’s encouraging to see IndieHackers quitting Twitter. Hopefully entrepreneurship slowly migrates to another platform. Because I feel like not being active on Twitter is hindering my career.

    1. 2

      I think many people share their progress with both numbers and screenshots of new features etc. I find it quite interesting but probably spend way too much time on it :).

    2. 1

      Twitter can be pretty enjoyable but like with other social platforms, it became too addictive. At least for me. And I found myself less and less happy as I used it.

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    Hey Justin, your filtress link is broken.

  3. 2

    But what about the need for Fleets? 😅

    1. 1

      I was lucky enough to quit Twitter just before they rolled that out!

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