July 16, 2019

Dear fellow Product Owners...

Colin Winhall @cwinhall

Do you also struggle with delivering new features as well as making constant improvements to your product? Pleasing all stakeholders is hard without the dev capacity to do it. Things such as:

  • Basic bug fixing
  • Copywriting problems
  • Styling (css / design stuff)

These 3 in my experience are normally very low impact, highly requested, time consuming tasks to fit in to your sprint and prioritise on your backlog.

How do you currently prioritise or compensate for this common problem in your startup?

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    Hey Colin one tactic that we've used is to set aside a percentage of each sprint for maintenance tasks. Depending on the maturity of your product this percentages could vary. As an example each sprint you might aim for 70% new features 20% bugs/customer request, 10% paying down tech debt

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      Thanks for the reply James. What do you do about adhoc work during a sprint? Is that accounted for in the 20%?

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        We try to. Some weeks more ad-hoc stuff comes in and the numbers might change a little. More a rule of thumb than an exact breakdown.