Growth July 13, 2020

Define what does success means for you?

Dima D @DimaD88

What are you optimizing for?

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    For me, success is having enough passive income to not have to work anymore and focus on what I want: family, charity, making some art, building what I want.

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      Thank you Vlad for such a candid response.

      Can I be blunt and (maybe a bit patronizing) and ask: why don't you start with "building what I want" first?

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    For me it is to get out of debt then FiRe is success, true freedom. It is a challenge though because I've found having free time/easy to get lazy. But I guess I hope at that time I would have found some interesting things to pursue without a drive other than just happiness.

    I know what I need to get there eg. save $500K or some value near that. Not saying the goal is to quit working but yeah.

    While I work a high paying job currently, it's also my only source of income, if I lost that I would be scrambling(don't have much saved currently). And right now don't know what to make, SWE but I don't know of problems to solve, it's the cliche response "find problems and solve them". Build a crappier YouTube that's different.