Wing learns about couples’ relationships through a survey and arranges their date night, presenting each part of the date as a surprise.

An example date night would be the couple attending a private cooking class followed by a short walk to a nearby low-key cocktail bar, which Wing recommends.

I’m trying to hit on two value props: convenience in planning date nights and the oxymoron of planned spontaneity (you can’t plan spontaneity in your date nights, but Wing can).

We’ve had a few—only friends—customers and haven’t launched, per se.

I’d love for you to:

A) Provide #landing-page-feedback on or https://datewithwing.com

B) Onboarding

For me to provide you with a quality date, I need to set your expectation for a long survey, with mostly easy to two-seconds-to-answer questions. Would you break up this longer survey, into two or three separate surveys?

  • Basic info (name, email, partners email), submit.
  • Info about your relationship & what you like, submit
  • Choose a day, slot, occasion (casual vs formal).

C) Pricing

  • At the moment, I charge an ambiguous flat-rate, and make sure the price of the tickets (to the show, class, or event) is below that, plus the cost (time) on our end to tailor and suggest options that the client would like.
  • Alternative option: keep CC on file and start a ‘tab’, with expected budget. Charge margin on top.
  • Alternative option: control every part of night in a more niche space. Private driver, Michelin-star restaurant with prepay, upscale ticket purchase.


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    Are you focusing more on events I mention liking in the survey or related things you guys think I'll like from the survey? I like the idea, just curious.

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      Yes, so I'm in the process of updating the survey with more personalization-related questions. Of the things you select, I'll choose a date night along the same lines but with some level of a 'stretch' especially if it's your 2nd time using us ;)

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