Demo Screenshare Options

Is Zoom the go-to screen share option?

Does anyone have any experience with anything else that works better?

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    GoToMeeting is the other behemoth in the space. I've used GTM & Zoom pretty extensively. Zoom is the easy winner here for quality & price. Join.me is a decent budget option... but quality isn't great on the share.

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    It depends on your use case. Since you mentioned it is for a demo, I'm assuming it's for sales?

    If you need to prepare for each demo ahead of time and are therefore booking them in advance and hoping your prospect shows up, you can do really well with old-fashioned web conferencing software, of which Zoom is the best, and for one-on-one meetings and group meetings up to some limits it's free.

    If you are doing cold calls or getting inbound prospects and want to call them right away (using a phone) and would be able to do a demo right away without preparation, you could try my company's product, CrankWheel. It's built for telesales/inside sales and lets you screen share instantly with any prospect, never a download, even if they're on their mobile phone or an ancient browser. Free for as long as you need if you don't do more than 25 screen shares a month.

    Hope that didn't come off too sales pitch-y! For meetings where you have to prepare in advance, it can be nice to have a full video conferencing tool that doesn't only do screen sharing but also VoIP and video chat, and it may be OK to have your prospect download software to attend, in which case my recommendation is Zoom. If you want to skip the download for a good percentage of prospects, Google Hangouts and GoToMeeting are roughly tied for second place; Hangouts will work in several browsers and is good for video and audio, with reasonable screen sharing. GoToMeeting has a web-only mode that works on Chrome only, but is a bit better at the screen sharing part. CrankWheel is a lot more limited in what it can do (e.g., no video, no VoIP), with that main advantage of being able to screen share to anyone (over 99.9% of browsers) without preparation.

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    I've found google hangouts to be pretty reliable. No cost if you are already using gsuite for email/docs etc.

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    Yes! Zoom is solid! We use it, and love it. From having used multiple tools like Hangouts and appear.in, Zoom is like the HubSpot for meetings (most solid product, excellent backing, generous features and limits on free plan).

    Especially for remote workers, pair it with https://krisp.ai/ and you got a solid screen-sharing meeting tool with Zoom.

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